Tutorial: Large Cowl

Large Cowl: 3ten.ca

With Halloween behind us and the leaves all on the ground, it’s time to bundle up and stay warm. This large cowl tutorial is the perfect accessory to transition from fall into winter.

Remember the fat quarter scarf tutorial I posted back in late February? This large cowl is similar in size, yet made out of all the same fabric.

What You Need

  • medium weight fabric – 1 1/2 yards
  • matching thread
  • machine/serger

First – you’ll need two pieces each measuring 65 inches x 20 inches.

Serge right sides together along the long edges – both. Now you’ll have a long tube. Iron the seams.

It’s important to iron the seams to give it a polished look. Plus, it helps you see if the plaid is lined up, again, for a more polished look.

Large Cowl: 3ten.ca

Large Cowl: 3ten.ca

Turn the scarf right side out. Put the ends together and turn right sides together, wrong side out (the tube will be in half).

Now, serge the ends together as much as you can, leaving a small opening to turn the scarf right side out. Keep in mind that the scarf is bulky – so you’ll have to leave about 2-3 inches to turn it out.

Sewing: 3ten.ca

Large Cowl: 3ten.ca

Once it’s turned right side out, you’ll want to either slip stitch the opening closed, or top stitch all around the the cowl. I decided to top stitch around the seam that puts the two ends tougher. The finished product looks sharp. If you want extra definition, you can always top stitch along the long ends, too – like in the man cowl tutorial. I didn’t do this, because I wanted the cowl to have a bit more movement and not be so stiff.

That’s it. Done. So big and fluffy. The perfect scarf to keep you warm in the fall or winter.

Large Cowl: 3ten.ca

Large Cowl: 3ten.ca

Wear with a fall vest or even give a jean jacket a few more days with this large cowl.

Enjoy your Sunday – it’s a funday, after all!

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