Neck Cowl:

Tutorial: Neck Cowl

Neck Cowl:

It’s fall – time to stay warm. The list of things I can make for myself (or for women in general) is endless…but it’s hard to find things to make for a guy. This neck cowl is perfect – as long as you keep the fabric and colours masculine.

What You Need

  • 2 pieces of fabric that measure 30 inches by 9.5 inches
  • matching thread
  • serger
  • sewing machine
  • an iron.

Neck Cowl: 3ten.caNeck Cowl:

So – the easier thing to do is not cut the fabric in half – giving you a 30 by 19 piece that will only need one seam to make it a tube. Don’t fall for the easy way!!! You need a seam at both the top and the bottom of the cowl – why? It adds rigidity which helps the cowl stand up. If you take the easy way out (and really, it’s 4 extra minutes) your cowl will wilt and flop, looking cheap and sad.

The fabric I have here is a washed cotton – lightweight but has some structure to it. Plaids are hard to match up, so it adds some difficultly. Quick tip – if you fall in love with a really light fabric, you can always interface the wrong side which will add weight.

Line up the fabric, right sides together and close both of the long ends. Make sure your fabric is taut from end to end. Use a seam allowance of around 1/2. I give myself a big seam allowance to match up the plaid well.

Neck Cowl: 3ten.caNeck Cowl:

Don’t forget your label.

Neck Cowl:

Time to Close the Cowl

Okay – time to close up the cowl. Tricky part.

Right sides out…so the seams are on the inside of the tube.

Fold the cowl in half.

Grab the two inside open ends.

Turn the cowl inside out.

Neck Cowl: 3ten.caNeck Cowl:

You should now have a short tube/cowl that you can put your arm though like below.

Neck Cowl:

Stitch all alway around, leaving a small opening to turn the cowl right side out. Slip stitch or ladder stitch the opening closed. Don’t know how to ladder stitch? Check out the Infinity Scarf Tutorial to see how!

Neck Cowl: 3ten.caNeck Cowl:

Now to finish it up.

First – iron the cowl. This is where you’ll see if your fabric was taut – there shouldn’t be more fabric on one side than the other.

Once it’s ironed – top stitch the top and the bottom, giving it more structure.

Iron one last time.


Neck Cowl: 3ten.caNeck Cowl:

Wear it on a cool day.

Neck Cowl: 3ten.caNeck Cowl:

Or wear it on a cold day.

Neck Cowl:

Wear it on any day you feel like looking fashionable.

Happy weekend!

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