Infinity Scarfs:

Tutorial: Infinity Scarf

Tutorial: Infinity Scarf:

Infinity Scarf

Love Fall? A scarf? Love an infinity scarf? This is for you!! Quick and easy infinity scarf you can make in 25-30 minutes (that is, if you take your time…)

I got some jersey fabric in the bargain section of Fabricland. Each Meter was about 3 dollars. The solid grey is from my trip to LA last year – great fabric finds in the fashion district!

One meter (and a bit…you need 40 inches, a meter is 39.4) makes two scarfs – as long as your fabric is 60 inches wide. I have never had a problem getting 40 inches when I ask for a meter – perhaps my cutter is always being nice…but they always seem to give you just a tad extra that way you can square off if they cut wonky.


Measure out and cut each piece of fabric to 20 inches by 60 inches.

Tutorial: Infinity Scarf: 3ten.caTutorial: Infinity Scarf:

You can see in the rust coloured fabric that it has a run…total bummer. This is what I get for buying discount fabric! No need to worry – you’ll notice later on that I added a grey colour block, thus fixing the issue. Plus, had I noticed it in the first place, I still would have bought it…for 3$, why not!

Tutorial: Infinity Scarf: 3ten.caTutorial: Infinity Scarf:


Okay – once your fabric is cut, pin the long ends together – right sides together. Stitch using your serger or machine.

Tutorial: Infinity Scarf:

Turn the scarf right side out.

Iron the seam.

If you don’t iron it the fabric might twist on you and the finished product won’t look as nice. When you iron it, make sure the seam you just made is in the middle of the back, that way you won’t see it when you wear it.


Time to sew it together. Match up the seams – right sides together (and be sure your scarf isn’t twisted all around)…it should make a big circle with the seam on the inside.

Now keep pinning all around until you can’t..until the rest of the scarf is in the way.

Tutorial: Infinity Scarf: 3ten.caTutorial: Infinity Scarf:

Add your label!!

Now stitch all around until you can’t anymore. This will create a hole to turn the scarf right side out.

Tutorial: Infinity Scarf: 3ten.caTutorial: Infinity Scarf:

Almost done…at this point I get excited and try them all on…haha.

Okay – we need to stitch closed the hole. Pin it so the fabric won’t move when you’re hand stitching it.

I use the ladder stitch so you can’t see it. Check out this YouTube video if you’ve never done it or need a refresher.

Tutorial: Infinity Scarf: 3ten.caTutorial: Infinity Scarf:


Notice how the seams match up…looks good.

Also – can you see my ladder stitch? A bit…I’ll get better at it, but that’s not too bad for only having done it a few times.

Tutorial: Infinity Scarf: 3ten.caTutorial: Infinity Scarf:


Time for a scarf off…I made 10, since I used 5 different fabrics, 2 from each meter.

Notice the rust and grey colour blocked one? My favourite are the navy and brown zebra prints…they are just light and super comfy.

Tutorial: Infinity Scarf:

Wear it long or double it up.

Either way, they will look good and keep you warm.

Tutorial: Infinity Scarf:

Yay for Fall…

Scarf season is here. Although, I wear them all year long 🙂

Tutorial: Infinity Scarf:

Iron them.

Fold them.

Gift them.

Keep warm – happy scarf wearing!!

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