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It’s pillow time, again!

About two months ago I had a tutorial on pillow covers – it was a house warming gift for my brother. My husband saw them before I shipped them out east and he loved them. Now, we had pillows on our own couch that I made, but they weren’t that great. It was the first time I tried using a zipper and I sort of failed. They worked for a while – about 8 months. The less than par pillows were certainly functional yet below par in the ascetics department.

The first weekend in September we were in the mall – visiting the coveted Apple store – and decided to pop into Restoration Hardware. They have some Luxe Faux Fur Pillow Covers that my husband loved…he wanted to buy some. Challenge accepted!

Fabricland usually has a sale around holidays, so I dashed over and found this faux cow hide pattered fur and loved it. One for Ali, zero for RH. It wasn’t too badly priced – 26$ for a meter (just shy of a yard). I bought .6 of a meter and received 30% off because of the Labour day sale. Two for Ali, zero for RH. My fabric, with the zipper was 10.92+1.85=12.77 and RH’s pillow cover is 39$! Moreover, my pillow insert is from Ikea, so 6$, RH’s pillow insert is 24$. Score again…

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More Pillows:

The faux fur is hard to work with.

When putting in the zipper and trying to use the seam ripper to take out the seam…it’s SO hard to see. But, it’s well worth the savings of over 44$ – I didn’t give up.

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Also…you’ll need a vacuum.

Try to vacuum right away so you don’t trek all the little furry bits though your house. I also used the vacuum on the finished pillow – I wanted to get all those pesky lingering fur fluffs out before it hit the couch.

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Happy pillow making!

Don’t ever be afraid to tackle a new challenge – even if it’s just a simple pillow cover…the accomplishment is satisfying, for sure!

Check back tomorrow for a weekend treat…will it be sweet or salty?!??

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