Travel: Omaha Snapshot

Omaha snapshot! Why Omaha, Nebraska you ask? Well, why not – they have an incredible zoo, some awesome museums, and some mighty-fine midwest food. Plus, the pedestrian bridge to Iowa is quite cool. Check out some of our photos below!

One things for certain, it’s awesome to travel again. The last time we were out of the country was in January 2020 when we travelled to Las Vegas. That was a wonderful trip! Okay, back to Omaha. You know what’s wild here, the heat. It’s over 40 degrees earlier this week, before we got here, but it dipped down to a cool 29 today – so nice.

My favourite things thus far about our trip is the zoo. If you come to Omaha for nothing else, other than steak, it must be the zoo. From giraffes to the gorilla exhibit, it’s just so neat to see animals – plus, their mission is a great one. To inspire and educate people to serve as lifelong stewards for the conservation of animals and their habitats is an awesome way to lead a zoo (and aquarium).

Okay, enough about the zoo – it’ll most certainly have its very own post soon.

Farmer’s markets are plentiful here in Omaha – we visited one this morning in downtown and hope to check out one near midtown tomorrow. Plus, the food is delicious! Getting out and about, trying new foods, and experiencing eats at local pubs is some of the best parts of travelling. Oh, and reading books on the plane! I wish I had more time to read, don’t you?

Well, there you have it – a quick snapshot of our trip to Omaha thus far. Thanks for visiting and be sure to stop by soon to check out some feature posts on the highlights of our trip. The zoo will most certainly have its own!

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