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    Travel: Omaha Snapshot

    Omaha snapshot! Why Omaha, Nebraska you ask? Well, why not – they have an incredible zoo, some awesome museums, and some mighty-fine midwest food. Plus, the pedestrian bridge to Iowa is quite cool. Check out some of our photos below! One things for certain, it’s awesome to travel again. The last time we were out of the country was in January 2020 when we travelled to Las Vegas. That was a wonderful trip! Okay, back to Omaha. You know what’s wild here, the heat. It’s…

  • Chicago Snapshot: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Chicago Snapshot

    Nestled on the Southwestern corner of Lake Michigan is the city of Chicago. This city is awesome. Full of so much energy and amazing food. I’m so excited to share all the food with you, and the museums. Oh, and all the little quirky things that make Chicago so great. For now, though, here’s just a small glimpse into our 5 day trip – a Chicago snapshot. The Windy City The reason for this trip? Well, we lost a bet. Bryce’s Dad likes watching Top…