Chicago Snapshot:

Travel: Chicago Snapshot

Chicago Snapshot:

Nestled on the Southwestern corner of Lake Michigan is the city of Chicago. This city is awesome. Full of so much energy and amazing food. I’m so excited to share all the food with you, and the museums. Oh, and all the little quirky things that make Chicago so great. For now, though, here’s just a small glimpse into our 5 day trip – a Chicago snapshot.

The Windy City

The reason for this trip? Well, we lost a bet. Bryce’s Dad likes watching Top Chef, and so do we. A couple of years ago we decided to make a bet – let’s draft players after the first episode and the losers cook dinner. Virtual handshake – deal.

We lost. Big time.

Brooke was season 14’s winner and she was the first pick. We lost the coin toss. Time to bet again. Bryce’s Dad, such a great guy, decides, hey – let’s up the steaks a bit. This time around loser has to buy dinner out. We agreed – we actually agreed that the loserĀ could pick: dinner out or to cook dinner. Well, wouldn’t you know…we lost, again.

Yes, again.

Losing for the second time (we lost the coin toss, too) we decided to just go for it. We invited Bryce’s parents to Spiaggia. The cool part, it’s the restaurant that Joe Flamm, the winner of Top Chef, works at – he’s their executive chef. So, that’s the little story that brought us to Chicago, and I’m ever so glad it did – this city is beautiful. If you get the chance, visit. You’ll love it.

Chicago Snapshot:

Chicago Snapshot:

Well – thanks so much for visiting. I’ll be sure to share way more detailed posts over the summer to give you a better look into this Chicago snapshot. From eats, to museums, and even some funk street art, I’ll share away. So fun. Happy Saturday!!

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