Deer Fence:

Project: Deer Fence

Deer Fence:

Deer fence! What? Yes, we installed a 6.5 foot deer fence in May. It took us about 3 weeks from beginning to end (we worked about 4 full days, and then a couple of hours on odd evenings).

Deer Fence

Bryce had to brush cut more than 2000 feet of paths so we could get the fence in, and we gained a bit of land on the west side since the markers set back in 1970 were way, way off. Happy we got a land surveyor out to take a peek.

Okay – why the deer fence? Daphne! She’s a sighthound and will easily breakthrough the electric fence we had for Bella and Lily.

Here’s the east side path cleared – it’s 450 feet on this one side and the t-posts are 10 feet apart. Took one full day (about 14 hours) to brush cut a clear path.

Cleared Path:

On the second full day we set in the 5 pressure treated posts. The ones at the front, which will also hold the soon to be gate, had to be 5.5 feet deep. That’s how tall I am! See this face? This is the face of someone who literally can’t get out a rock that’s in the way – I can’t reach it. So unbelievably frustrating. Luckily, Bryce got it!

Digging Champion:

We used 9 foot t-posts and put them in the ground 2.5 feet, having 6.5 feet out of the ground for the 6.5 foot fence.


Deer Fence:

There you go – all installed.

We used 330 foot rolls (we had 6 of them). First, we installed all the t-posts and then did the fencing. We’d work about 4-6 posts at a time and clip as we went, that way it’s as nice and as tight as possible. Oh, and if you don’t know how to install t-post clips, check out this YouTube video.

See – you can hardly see it from the driveway.

Deer Fence:

This is exactly why we installed this added fence – look at Daphne just wandering through the property, she’s not even on the path! Nope, just making her way through the bush.

Daphne in the Yard:
Deer Fence:

Now you can see the fence!

Deer Fence:

Well, there you have it – a fully installed deer fence.

Deer Fence:

Thanks so much for visiting and we’ll see you again soon.

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