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Project: Arm Knitting

Arm Knitting: #knitting #infinity #scarf

Arm Knitting – have you heard of it?! It’s amazingly easy and beautiful ta-boot!

One of the girls I work with walked in one day with this stunning chunky scarf. “Wow…that’s a great scarf” I said. She made it…WHAT?! Arm knitting – I’m intrigued.

While she was on her break I watched her pump out a scarf in less than 45 minutes.



Her suggestion, to watch a YouTube video. Within days I had stopped at Michael’s craft store and browsed YouTube. Audra’s tutorial on Arm Knitting is my favourite and is easy to follow – she lead me into my success on my very first Arm Knitting project. Check it out!

Arm Knitting

Okay – for my first Arm Knitting project I chose this black and white wool. Be sure that the wool you pick isn’t too scratchy, you will be wearing it around your neck, after all. You can see that it goes from all black to two-toned. It was important to me that the lines match up that way the scarf looks colour blocked. If I didn’t match them up, then the white and black would be all though out the scarf. So, just be sure to keep that in mind if you’re using a similar wool.

Arm Knitting: #knitting #infinity #scarfArm Knitting: #knitting #infinity #scarf

Hard Part

The hardest part – is stitching it onto you arm. Do not make it too tight. This is the fist scarf I made, and it turned out super well; but, on my second, I made the first loops so tight that my husband was making fun of me – one, for arm knitting while we were watching tv…I was acting like an old lady – and two, because I was struggling so vastly that my arm was turning red. The knots after the first one are easier, but just be careful not to make them too tight.

Arm Knitting: #knitting #infinity #scarfArm Knitting: #knitting #infinity #scarf

It’s easy to tie it off, too. If you’d rather not have an infinity scarf, then just don’t tie the two end together. I like it as an infinity, though – who wouldn’t?!

Arm Knitting: #knitting #infinity #scarf

After I get the fist row done, I ensure that I pull tightly, but not too tightly, so that each link is the same size. If you don’t do this your scarf will be all wonky.

See how nice and spacious the links are? Not like traditional knitting. This style is far more textured, stylish, and modern. Fun, fun, fun!!

Arm Knitting: #knitting #infinity #scarf

All Done

You need to try it!

All you need – YouTube and about $14 dollars to buy two bundles of wool…oh, and 45 minutes!

My bet, on your second scarf, you’ll finish it in under 30 minutes.

Arm Knitting: #knitting #infinity #scarf

Happy Arm Knitting and if you’re looking for more knitting info – or some great resources, seek out Rachel at Hobby Help. She’s got some fabulous info which is great for beginners. No way I’m that into knitting, not yet anyway!

Happy Christmas Eve!!


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