Qbic Hotel London: 3ten.ca

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Qbic Hotel London: 3ten.ca

The Qbic Hotel in London is a sweet little place that’s reasonably priced and close to the tube. They market themselves as a eco-sustainable hotel, which is important in this day and age. Check out their site for more info.

Qbic Hotel

In the lobby you’ll notice a huge open space – they have a restaurant and bar. We found it over priced for the quality of the food, so we never ate there. Yet, I love the lobby bathroom – such creativity in design. See it in the top photo – notice the bicycle base?

Hotel Restaurant: 3ten.ca

The one aspect that we aren’t so fond of, is the bedroom unit – it’s like a pod that’s built into the room. The pod houses the shower unit, toilet and sink, and then the bed anchors it all down. Bryce and I feel it is a little rickety and not the most sturdy structure – yet I’m being pretty critical.

The Pod

Below is the bed – it is more comfortable than I thought, that’s for sure. Look at the bottom right, that’s where the pod starts for the bathroom door.

Qbic Hotel London: 3ten.ca
Qbic Hotel London: 3ten.ca

The yellow wall backs up against the bed – and the shower is to the right.

Hotel Shower: 3ten.ca

Oh, and if you’re like me and have curly hair, rain showers are not for you. They’re actually pretty silly in my opinion, you can’t get the hot water directly on your back while standing up straight, and it takes significant effort to try and keep your hair dry, even with a shower cap.

There is a lot of space to put out our things and it is air conditioned, which is perfect for me – I’m big on temperature control.

Qbic Hotel London: 3ten.ca

The Neighbourhood

The hotel is across form a grassy park where locals hang out, eat lunch, let their dogs play and you might see a homeless person or two taking a nap, yet we didn’t feel unsafe.

Qbic Hotel London: 3ten.ca

Overall, it is a decent price for London – I think we paid $140 a night Canadian. Total score for a place to lay our heads in a safe neighbourhood. It’s in East London – and within walking distance of Tower Bridge, took us about 15 minutes to walk there. Oh, and about 4 minutes from the tube, that’s from our room to the platform.

Qbic Hotel London: 3ten.ca

Well, there you have it – the Qbic hotel in London. Also, they have locations in Amsterdam and Brussels, too. Happy travelling.

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