Pinecone Wreath:

Project: Pinecone Wreath

Pinecone Wreath:

A winter pinecone wreath. Don’t be fooled, this wreath is heavy and big! It’s 24 inches and my guess is it weights about 18 pounds. Those pinecones and glue are heavy.

This is a standard pinecone wreath that you can dress up for Autumn, Halloween, Christmas or even Valentine’s day with just the addition of a colourful bow. Makes this wreath far more versatile.

Pinecone Wreath Supplies

  • Pinecones – about 78
  • Wire wreath – 24 inches
  • Fabric – about 1/2 a yard
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Newspaper or old towel

First, gather all of your supplies. Then, lay out all of your pinecones.


You can decide on your own pattern, but I’ll explain what I did.

Cover the wire with fabric, that way the pinecones have more surface area for the glue to adhere. And work over an old towel or newspaper.

Then, I glued the pinecones off centred, like subway tiles, base to base. So, on the bottom layer I had 66% of the pinecones. Then, I put the pinecones perpendicular to the first ones and glued them base to base, tip to tip, and layered them in-between the two bottom rows.

Lastly, I added in a few other pinecones to fill in some gaps.

Work in Progress:
Pinecone Wreath:

Then, hang it up and ensure you’ve got enough support.

Pinecone Wreath:

Done – you’re ready for winter!

Pinecone Wreath:

Thanks for visiting and happy crafting – it’s fun to just hangout with yourself, watch a movie, and craft. Those are some of the best mornings.

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