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    Project: Holiday Home Tour

    The holidays aren’t over – it’s still boxing day. I wanted to share all the projects I worked on this holiday season in once place and I thought, what a better way to do it than a holiday home tour! For this little project I let you into my home and show you how all the sewing tutorials and projects are on display in real life – not just staged. Want to know which projects are hand made? Check it out the list below! Tutorials…

  • Pillows and Stockings: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Week Fifty Two: Christmas Stockings and Pillows

    Christmas stockings and pillows. It’s time to get sewing. Christmas is tomorrow! Tomorrow?! That’s flat out exciting. Today I’m going to share my last sewing post of the series 52 Weeks of Sewing. Yes, I’ve done a sewing project a week for the last year and it’s coming to a close. This week I’m combining two tutorials. I’ve already done versions of these, yet I’ve got a bit of an update for this year. These Christmas stockings and pillows are coordinated and festive. Let’s get…

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    Project: DIY Fabric Bows

    DIY fabric bows – it took me so long to find a decent tutorial and the ‘how to make a perfect bow‘ from Sutton Place is just the one I was looking for! Check out her tutorial – I followed it almost to a tee. A few tips along the way, things that I did differently, and a few things I learned. What You Need Fabric – about 1/2 a yard serger machine matching thread pins iron ironing board floral wire – optional glue gun…

  • Fabric Christmas Ornaments: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Week Fifty One: Fabric Christmas Ornaments

    Fabric Christmas ornaments are here – they are so cute and easy to make, you should try them out. Did you see the bunched fabric balls from earlier this week? Well, I needed something to make with all of those white squares, so I made these ornaments. Let’s get started! What You Need 1/2 a yard of fabric scraps of fabric 10-20 feet of ribbon serger machine scissors matching thread iron ironing board buttons First, gather all of your fabric. I made two shapes. Squares,…

  • Bunched Christmas Ornament: 3ten.ca

    Project: Bunched Fabric Ball Ornament

    Bunched fabric ball ornament – time to make some holiday cheer! If you saw my post earlier this week on twine ornaments, then you know I’m on a mission to decorate our 12 foot tree in a festive and low cost way. These fabric ornaments are the perfect way to tie in the fabric I used on the fabric trees, too. This holiday is going awesome. Okay, let’s get started! What You Need 1 yard of fabric 20 foam balls or ball ornaments 30 feet…