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Recipe: Christmas Treats 2022

Christmas Treats!

Christmas treats – which the special day being tomorrow, hopefully you’re all set and ready! If not, here are a few last minute holiday treats you can make. Most likely you’ll have these ingredients on hand so no added trip to the store. Okay, let’s get baking!

Christmas Treats – Recipes

In the mood for a quick recipe from a box of cake mix and some icing? These cake truffles are good (and even better frozen). Even if you don’t have the time to cover them in chocolate, just add a touch of sprinkles and you’ll be all set.

Sweet Eats:

This holiday crack recipe is one of my favourites – and it was a bummer when I found out I was a celiac. Yet this GF version is so good, so good as in I make it even when it’s not Christmas!

GF Toffee Crack:

Another holiday favourite is the monkey bread – it’s like lazy cinnamon rolls, but better. You’ll need about 6-8 hours of resting time on this one, so time to enjoy a hot chocolate and watch a few of your favourite Christmas movies. Plus, in our house (only 2 of us) it yields some delicious leftovers!

Monkey Bread:

Up next are two quick (again, you’ll get a 2 hour break to tackle another task) and easy cookie recipes – cream cheese cookies and butter cookies. They’re a party pleaser – and you can add any fillings you like. I added skor on the butter cookies.

Cream Cheese Cookies
Skor Butter Cookies:

Last, but not least, holiday bark. This is a great recipe to bring as a gift in a tin or mason jar as a thank you hostess gift. It’s festive and tasty.

Holiday Treat Bark:

Well, there you have it – 6 of my favourite Christmas treats. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you again soon. Thanks for stopping by – have fun baking up!

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