How to Take the Frame Off a Boler:

Project: How to Take the Frame Off a Boler

How to Take the Frame Off a Boler:

How to take the frame off a Boler is one of the main questions we get asked on our Instagram account @tipsy.the.boler. So, we thought we’d put a few of the photos and some videos all in once place to possibly help someone out.

We’re about safety first. The process can be rough (sometimes we have to kick the frame out of place and it ‘crashes’ down with a huge bang) yet it’s safe.

Below you’ll find step-by-step directions and then we finish off with 2 videos. The first video we walk you through the process and the other is a time-lapse video of the process in action.

How to Take the Frame Off a Boler:

How to Take the Frame Off a Boler

What You Need
  • a lot of jacks
  • patience
  • drill/grinder
  • wrench to remove lug nuts
Step One

First, you’ll need about 14-18 jacks – don’t start until you have those.

Step Two

Then, on the inside of the Boler, you’ll need to disconnect the frame from the floor. We’ve had between 12-29 bolts, screws, and rivets connecting the frame to the body. You’ll need a drill or a grinder to get those off.

Step Three

Next, what you’re going to do is jack the whole Boler up by the frame, just enough to take the wheels off. So, you’ll use about 3 jacks to do that, then take the wheels off.

Step Four

After that, you’ll use the other jacks to support the body of the Boler. We’ve used blocks of wood between the jack and the body to ensure we’re getting max support and not punching a hole through the floor.

How to Take the Frame Off a Boler:
Step Five

Then, you’ll lower the jacks on the frame. We doubt it’ll just fall, but it might. It’s safe to be ready. Kick the frame downward if you need to or use a crowbar to try and help separate the frame from the body. If you notice any sticking points, you might still have a bolt in place, or 50 year old butyl tape – be careful if you head back inside the Boler.

Step Six

Add a couple of the jacks you had from the frame under the body for added support.

Step Seven

Once the frame is free, you’ll push it as far as you can to one side before you hit a jack that’s holding the body. The, use one of the jacks you had for the frame to place on the opposite side you’re sliding it to, to support the body. Then undo the jacks in the way and slide the frame a bit more. We often then put the jack back in place. Do this one jack at a time until the frame can fully slide out. At the end of this process we have about 16 jacks under the body and the frame is out.

How to Take the Frame Off a Boler:


Well, there you have it – how to take the frame off a Boler. Feel free to ask us any questions or ask for clarification. We’ve taken frames off of 6 Boler trailers, some with wooden floors and the frame exposed on the inside, and others with fully encased fiberglass floors. Hope that helps!


  • Stephen Hoy

    Hello thank you for all the photos and videos , they have been very helpful as i too am currently restoring a Boler
    I currently have the frame off and have had it sandblasted, repaired , and re painted. Now to put it back on the body. I was wondering if you have any advice on how to remount the frame to the body. any advice would be appreciated. thank you

    Steve .

    PS, are you in Edmonton? So am I !

    • Ali


      Yes, we’re in Northern Alberta – we live outside of Edmonton city limits.

      For putting the frame back on, we use about 12-17 jacks and leap frog them as we slide the frame back under. We’ve shared a few videos on Instagram which might help.

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