Paddleboarding in Kelowna:

Travel: Paddleboarding in Kelowna

Paddleboarding in Kelowna:

Paddleboarding in Kelowna – yes! We were visiting family in June and after getting a new roof rack for our truck, we decided we’d travel with our boards. So much fun.

We spent a couple of hours on the Okanagan Lake with the sun in one direction and ominous rainclouds in the other.

Check out the truck below.

Truck with Roof Rack:

On our first try it took us about 20 minutes to get the boards up and tied down. I think once we become more familiar with the process, we’ll cut that time in half.

The lake – so beautiful and big.

Okanagan Lake:

We paddled around the harbour and then up Mission Creek.

Paddleboarding in Kelowna:

See those dark and stormy clouds? Hard to believe it’s the same day as above.

Paddleboarding in Kelowna:

Once we did the creek we made our way back out into the open water. I wanted to go around this buoy – it seemed so far away.

Paddleboarding in Kelowna:

So much fun out on the water – and it’s a bit of a workout, too. When I get on the board for the first time each season I’m surprised by how different muscles engage.

What to do after a great day of paddleboarding in Kelowna? Get dressed up, of course!

Dressed Up:

Thanks so much for visiting and hope you’re having fun this summer.

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