La Perla:

Travel: La Perla

La Perla:

La Perla is an authentic Mexican restaurant in Playa del Carmen. Wonderful friends of ours were staying in Cancun during our time in Akumal and we decided to meet halfway in Playa for dinner.

La Perla:

This place is on the north end of 5th street – the older end. We took the Colectivo from Akumal and it took us about 50 minutes from door to door.

La Perla:

Bugs at La Perla

Yes – you read that correctly, bugs. Bryce tacos with crickets and larva – not for me, yet he enjoyed it.

Grub Tacos:

For me, I stuck to an equally traditional dish, yet just a little less adventurous. Mole for me! Below is steamed bun with beans, fresh herbs and avocado. So fresh and so good.

Mexican Steam Buns:

The best part? The company! It’s so great to see good friends, catchup and have a little adventure.

La Perla:

If you’re even in Playa del Carmen, be sure to check out La Perla, even if to just glance at the menu full of true authentic Mexican cuisine. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to walk 5th street and see the difference between the old and the new.

Thanks for visiting – and if you’ve read the last post, you’ll know I’m somewhere in the bush not having showered for at least 48 hours. Let’s hope I brought enough socks.

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