Glass Floor:

Travel: Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge:

Tower Bridge – sometimes mistaken for the London Bridge. We arrived in London around 10am on a Saturday and after checking into our boutique hotel we headed over to this iconic site.

Check us out – this is what we look like after 10 hours of flying and only getting about 3 hours of sleep in the pervious 30 hours.

Ali and Bryce travel Europe:

We’re pretty happy! And no, we didn’t stepped into traffic to get a good shot. We aren’t those tourists. There is a barricade behind us, so we’re not really in traffic!

I’ll admit, if you’re visiting London, England for the first time, do something touristy off the bat. It’s energizing and exciting.

Tower Bridge Tips

  • Buy your tickets ahead of time and have them printed – you’ll skip the queue.
  • Be ready to walk a whole heck of a lot of stairs. I think you walk up about 8 stories.
  • Know the Tower Bridge lift times for when you’ll be visiting.

My favourite feature? The glass floor.

Glass Floor:

I couldn’t stop looking down!

Glass Floor:

Don’t forget to visit the engine rooms – they’re so neat. And, if you get a chance, sneak a peek inside the old steam tank room – and look in the corners. You’ll see all the gunk that can’t be reached for cleaning.

Engine Room:

Once your done your tour of Tower Bridge find your way to Potters Fields Park and find a spot to relax for a bit.

Take a few photos and enjoy the sights. This spot is also a great place to snag a photo.

Tower Bridge:

Sit back and wait for the bridge to open. On this day we got lucky since it opened at 2:07pm just after our tour.

Tower Bridge:

This is also a great place to people watch!

Tower Bridge:

Well, there you have it – a few tips on how to visit the Tower Bridge. Notice how much more awake we seem? Travelling is so awesome – simply rejuvenating.

Thanks for visiting and wishing you happy travels.

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