Fruity Juicy

Fruity Juicy:

This juice packs a punch – perfect for a fresh start morning.

All fruit with a bit of parsley…and ginger – I don’t think ginger is a fruit!

Fruity Juicy

Fruity Juicy:

Juice it up!

A great thing about this juicer, you don’t need to cut the veggies or fruit up very much…saves time!

Fruity Juicy: 3ten.caFruity Juicy:

This one was so good.

The green apple and the lemon add some sourness to it…mmm.

Fruity Juicy:

Green goodness.

I think it tasted like a green apple sour candy. My husband laughed at me…it’s juice, Ali – don’t try and turn it into candy. Either way, it was good.

Try it, this fruity juicy is delicious!

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