• Mangolicious Juice: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Mango-licious Juice

    Mango! Kiwi! Spinach! Yes, please. Ingredients mango lemon 2 kiwi 1 cup of spinach This juice is full of flavour and goodness. It’s light and makes a great little snack and it’s mango-licious juice. First – you’ll need to remove the pit from the mango…that won’t juice. The good stuff. The lemon provides vitamin C and keeps your PH balance in check – cancer can’t grow in an alkaline environment, so lemon up. The spinach helps your memory and promotes healing. The kiwi helps you…

  • Green Goddess Juice: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Green Goddess Juice

    The goodness of green is health is a green goddess juice. For this juice we’re going all in – strong fighting super foods. Ingredients 2 celery staks 1 cup of cabbage 2 cups of spinach kale leaves, 2 2 kiwis Get all of your ingredients ready to go. This juice is antibacterial, from the celery, while the cabbage detoxifies and bumps up your immune system and boots your memory. Spinach, too, helps with memory and promotes overall healing. Kale is high in vitamin A, chlorophyll…

  • Juicing: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Juicing

    Juicing is so good for you, for your skin, nails, hair, organs, and flat out, your life. About 6 months ago we did our research and purchased and Omega Juicer – it actually took the place of my stand KitchenAid mixer on the counter…not to worry, the mixer has a nice home. Okay, let’s check out this juicing recipe and see what all the hype is about. Ready? This is my Sunday morning juice – try it! You’ll also have to try a few others…lazy…

  • Lazy Juice: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Lazy Juice

    It’s lazy juice time. I know, juicing is fun, but can sometimes be a lot of work. Cleaning spinach, kale, or seeding a pomegranate (although, one day I’m going to try and put the whole pomegranate it the juicer) can be a hassle. This recipe is lazy – why lazy? …because all you have to do is put the fruit in a bowl, rinse it off, and then cut it up a bit. Lazy Juice Lemon, beet, orange, carrot, kiwi, tomato, apple, and a pear.…

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    Fruity Juicy

    This juice packs a punch – perfect for a fresh start morning. All fruit with a bit of parsley…and ginger – I don’t think ginger is a fruit! Fruity Juicy Juice it up! A great thing about this juicer, you don’t need to cut the veggies or fruit up very much…saves time! This one was so good. The green apple and the lemon add some sourness to it…mmm. Green goodness. I think it tasted like a green apple sour candy. My husband laughed at me…it’s…