• Koh Rong Snapshot

    Travel: Three Weeks in Southeast Asia

    Three weeks in Southeast Asia – well, more like 23 days, yet if you take away the two full travel days to get there from Canada, then ya, 3 weeks! April 13 of last year is the day we set our alarm for 4:44am. Then we caught a plane to Hong Kong. So amazing. The trip took an abundance of planning – visas, accommodations and sites to see; not to mention planning for down time, which is vital to any successful trip. Here is where…

  • Beach in Hoi An: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Beach in Hoi An Vietnam

    The beach in Hoi An Vietnam is such a relaxing place. It’s not too busy and the water is warm in May. One thing to watch out for – you have to pay to sit at the luxury chairs. No signs, or at least there weren’t any signs when we were there. Then we got yelled at as we left – it was kind of funny, actually. Okay, let’s get to relaxing! The Beach We rode our bikes to the beach and paid 1$ to…

  • Old Town Hoi An: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Old Town Hoi An Vietnam

    You can’t visit Hoi An Vietnam without visiting Old Town – you simply need to see it. You’ll have to buy a ticket at one of the three entry points for 6$ and along with it you’ll get access to 6 historic sights. Here are some pictures from our visit. Old Town You’ll enter the Old Town one of three ways – we entered through this narrow little walk way. Your hotel will give you a map, so you’ll know where you’re going. The streets…

  • Eats in Hoi An: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Eats in Hoi An Vietnam

    Eats in Hoi An Vietnam – the places to eat and what to order! Being a Celiac it’s a bit harder to travel and find safe food. In Hoi An, I fell in love with two places that are so amazing at helping; and, the food is awesome! Eats in Hoi An Minh Hien This place is vegetarian, yet so good. Seriously. Order the banana leaf or the special. We ate there twice on our trip. And, we even rode our bikes for 15 minutes…

  • Bikes in Hoi An: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Bikes in Hoi An Vietnam

    Hoi An Vietnam is made awesome by bikes. Our hotel, the Golden Bell Homestay, offered them for free with our stay. Most hotels do the same, yet be sure before you book. In Siem Reap we rented them for $2.00 a day, which is quite low. Bikes in Hoi An First, it’s hot in Hoi An so be sure to cover up with sunscreen. Second, know where you’re going. On our first bike trip we were headed to The Dingo Cafe – more to come…