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Travel: Three Weeks in Southeast Asia

Three Weeks in Southeast Asia: 3ten.ca

Three weeks in Southeast Asia – well, more like 23 days, yet if you take away the two full travel days to get there from Canada, then ya, 3 weeks! April 13 of last year is the day we set our alarm for 4:44am. Then we caught a plane to Hong Kong. So amazing.

The trip took an abundance of planning – visas, accommodations and sites to see; not to mention planning for down time, which is vital to any successful trip. Here is where all of my posts over the last year find themselves neatly organized into one spot. Everything is in order – basically, this is our itinerary. Read on and let your adventure begin.

Before Takeoff

Packing my 33L backpack
Off the Continent

Packing is one of the most important things – don’t overestimate the stuff you’ll need. Pack smart and strategic.

Three Weeks in Southeast Asia: 3ten.ca

Hong Kong

Two Days in Hong Kong
Eating Gluten Free in Hong Kong

This huge metropolis is the jumping off point for our 21 days. Busy and awesome.

Three Weeks in Southeast Asia: 3ten.ca


Three Days in Bangkok
Adamaz House Hotel
Wat Arun
Wat Pho
The Grand Palace
Jim Thompson House

I could eat $1.00 Pad Thai every day for a month and be happy. The city is far, far busier than I thought and full of so much greenery.

Three Weeks in Southeast Asia: 3ten.ca

Siem Reap

Three Days in Siem Reap
Hima Boutique Hotel
Riding Bikes in Siem Reap
Temples and Angkor Wha
Cooking Class in Siem Reap
Travel Cambodia by Bus

Crossing the boarder isn’t as scary as some make it out to seem; however, you must plan for it. If you’re not careful, you could get scammed.

Cambodia is home to some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met – and I’m from Canada. Seriously, the only problem with Cambodia is that it’s such a long flight from my home. The weather is beautiful, the food is delicious and the hospitality is unforgettable. Visit if you get the chance.

Three Weeks in Southeast Asia: 3ten.ca

Three Weeks in Southeast Asia: 3ten.ca

Phnom Penh

Three Days in Phnom Penh
Tea House Hotel
What Phnom
Killing Fields and Genocide Museum
National Museum of Cambodia
The Royal Palace
Travel Cambodia by Bus

History will pull at your heart if you visit Phnom Penh. Be sure to stay at the Tea House – such an adorable boutique hotel.

Three Weeks in Southeast Asia: 3ten.ca

Koh Rong

Kog Rong Part One
Kog Rong Part Two
Travel Cambodia by Bus

It’s beach time! You need to plan some down time and this 3 day break on the beach in the middle of our trip is the perfect relaxation getaway.

Three Weeks in Southeast Asia: 3ten.ca

Ho Chi Minh City

Three Days in Ho Chi Minh City
Hello House Hotel
Taxi Scam
Ben Thanh Market
Reunification Palace
War Remnant Museum
Museum of Fine Arts
Birthday in Ho Chi Minh City

Time for Vietnam – from birthday celebrations to taxi scams, Ho Chi Minh City is full of experiences.

Three Weeks in Southeast Asia: 3ten.ca

Hoi An

Four Days in Hoi An
Golden Bell Homestay Hotel
Beach in Hoi An
Eats in Hoi An
Old Town
Bikes in Hoi An

The last stop on our 3 week tour of Southeast Asia – this quaint little UNESCO town, Hoi An. It’s on the ocean and the air is warm. It’s a must if you like getting off the beaten path (well, it’s a little worn). Home to some of the best back roads ever.

Three Weeks in Southeast Asia: 3ten.ca

Back Home

Home Safe

Overall, our three weeks in Southeast Asia is a memory that will last a lifetime. The stories, the laughs and the heart warming experiences are a part of us and our hearts. Travelling is flat out awesome – save some money and love life, pack your bag then go. It’s that easy.

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