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Three Days in Bangkok:

Three days in Bangkok

Our three days in Bangkok were so much fun, so hot, and so many memories. This was our second stop on our Southeast Asia trip this spring. After we spent two days and two nights in Hong Kong we flew AirAsia from HKG to DMK.

We got in around noon and headed straight to our hotel. Note to anyone arriving at Don Muang Airport, be sure you negotiate your taxi fare. I knew to do this from reading other travel blogs and we were first quoted 800 Baht, which is about 30 Canadian – it shouldn’t be much more than 400 Baht at the very high end, so about 15 dollars. We paid 265 Baht, so under 10$ Canadian. The one thing I’ll suggest is have a phone – it was so awesome having my iPhone and google maps since then we knew where we were going – and ensuring our taxi driver wasn’t taking us around in circles or anything.

So, I know I’ve said this before, yet this time it was an awesome thing that we booked all of our accommodations before hand. This place, Adamaz House was about a 1 minute walk down an alley and I never would have gone down an alley to find a place to stay, however, this place was adorable! Friendly staff, complimentary breakfast and a beautiful green view. Stay there if you get the chance. It’s close enough to Khao San Road, yet far enough to not be up all night with the noise. Oh, and it’s only 38 dollars a night. Bonus.

Okay, here we go – our three days in Bangkok itinerary!

Day One

Adamaz House

Don’t mind the pictures – I took them after we spent one night and clearly you can see we had done some laundry! I think we showered 3 times a day while in Bangkok and changed each time. Did I mention it was hot?

Also, they only had two twin beds left as an option when I booked so we just pushed them together.

Three Days in Bangkok:

Three Days in Bangkok:

Three Days in Bangkok:

Three Days in Bangkok:

After we checked in to our hotel we took the Chao Phraya Express Boat from Phra Arthit to Rotchawong and visited Chinatown. The boat was only 28 Baht each, so 1 dollar. Plus, the cool breeze was worth the dollar.

Three Days in Bangkok:


The best part about Chinatown is the gold – if you’re looking for inexpensive gold, you’ve come to the right place. Oh, and the markets, the markets in Chinatown are great. We didn’t stay long, maybe about an hour or so and then we took the boat back the same way we came.

Three Days in Bangkok:

Khao San Road

This place is full of young tourists. We felt old, but certainly not the oldest by any means. It’s a great place to grab pad thai for a dollar – try Jo-Jo’s right in front of the McDonald’s – they are there on Friday-Sunday. We looked for them on Monday with no such luck. After some eats we headed back to the hotel for an early morning.

Three Days in Bangkok:

Day Two

Jim Thompson House

This place deserves it’s own post, really. The grounds are stunning and I’ll share more soon. If you make it to Bangkok be sure to visit this treasure.

Three Days in Bangkok:

After the tour at Jim Thompson House we walked to the MRT Ratchathewi Station. This part was so sketchy. We walked down a long river alley so to speak and it felt as though we were walking through people’s backyards or tuk-tuk storage space or something. Don’t get me wrong, we felt safe, but it was cramped and dirty. The 10 minute walk to the MRT station was an experience all in itself.

We took the MRT to Mo Chit Station (we went from N1 to N8) and it cost us 37 Baht each, so 1.37$ Canadian.

Three Days in Bangkok:

Three Days in Bangkok:

Up next, markets!

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Get ready to haggle.

I got a dress here for a dollar and sunglasses for 40 cents. It sort of felt wrong to haggle and barter, but I did and then it sort of became exciting. Markets are the best.

The food is good, too. On our three days in Bangkok we mostly ate at street carts and only one, nope, two restaurants the whole time we were there.

Three Days in Bangkok:

Three Days in Bangkok:

Three Days in Bangkok:

Three Days in Bangkok:

Up next, a place to cool down. We jumped back on the MRT and headed to Siam Square.

Siam Square – Siam Center – MBK Centre

Yes, it’s odd that with only three days in Bangkok we went to a mall; however, I have to tell you it was so hot. Like my sweat was boiling on my face it was so hot. After spending much of the morning and the afternoon in the sun it was time for a break. Siam Center was the perfect spot – celebrating local designers was so fun. I will admit, though, that their clothes run small.

It’s worth noting the difference below between the two places. We spent about an hour at Siam Center and about 4 minutes at MBK (way, way too cheap…and not as fun as the markets).

After our visit we headed back to our hotel showered and took a nap. Then, back out to Khao San Road for some dinner and then bed.

Three Days in Bangkok:

Three Days in Bangkok:

Three Days in Bangkok:

Three Days in Bangkok:

Day Three

Time for some of the big sites! After a great sleep it was time to hit the tourist spots. Oh, my suggestion, do not do these right after a travel day. We were smart and made sure we had a good rest before taking on this long day.

Grand Palace

This place is packed.

What to watch out for: scams. Scam? Yes, watch out for it. I read that tuk-tuk drivers will tell you the temple or the Grand Palace is closed and then offer to take you to another place for only 100 Baht. Scam? Yes, I think so. We walked the 8 minutes from our hotel and we were stopped twice by other tourists who asked us if it was open. Ah, yes?!

When we were leaving I saw this adorable family of 4 (mom, dad and two young teens) getting into a tuk-tuk who was telling them the Grand Palace was closed, yet he could take them around the grounds for 200 baht. I wanted to scream at them, but didn’t. Silliness. Lesson is, do your research and don’t be too trusting.

Okay, so onto the Grand Palace. First tip, watch your eyes. What? Yes, I said watch your eyes. On our three days in Bangkok this was one of the most frustrating things – tourists with umbrellas. Look, I get it, the sun is hot and it’s not that comfortable to wear heaps of sunscreen, however, if you choose to walk around with an eye-stabber, I mean umbrella, then please be a decent human being and be careful and cautious.

I have more stories about the Grand Palace, but it too is getting it’s own post. I’ll share more then.

Three Days in Bangkok:

Wat Pho

We visited the reclining Buddha at Wat Pho and got massages. I have to say it was smart to take a break mid-day and relax a bit.

Three Days in Bangkok:

Wat Arun

This was our last stop of the day – Wat Arun. It wasn’t my favourite, however, it brought us to the other side of the river and visiting Thonburi was so delightful. One of our favourite places for pad thai was found on this side of the river. I’ll share more about that soon, too.

Even though Wat Arun was under construction when we visited it was still beautiful.

Three Days in Bangkok:"

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you’ve enjoyed our three days in Bangkok itinerary. It was a blast.

Three Days in Bangkok: 3ten.caThree Days in Bangkok:

See you again soon – oh, and just go already, buy the ticket and go!


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