Pencil Skirt:

Sewing: 20 minute Pencil Skirt

20 minute Pencil Skirt: #sewing #diy

Have nothing to wear? Sew up a new pencil skirt in a jiffy!

All you need is about 1 yard of jersey knit fabric (or something with a little stretch that you would wear as a skirt), some matching thread, and a sewing machine.

Pencil Skirt

I have this wonderful high waisted skirt from Simons – I should have purchased 2 – it’s the perfect fit, and hasn’t faded one bit. I’m using it as my template. Put down your fabric and use a skirt you already own as a template. Trace and cut.

Topstitch (on stretch) right sides together or serge together. If you want the project done in 10 minutes and don’t want a hem, then be sure you stitch the skirt together so the fabric rolls underneath – not on the outside of the skirt.

20 minute Pencil Skirt: #sewing #diy20 minute Pencil Skirt: #sewing #diy

On my skirt, I’m putting in a hem at the top and the bottom, so it didn’t matter which way the jersey fabric rolled – just so long as I had the right sides out. Also – I stuck with neutral tones for my loopers on my serger. If you were just going to leave your skirt with no hems, you’d want your loopers to be the same matching thread.

Fold over your hem and pin in place.

20 minute Pencil Skirt: #sewing #diy20 minute Pencil Skirt: #sewing #diy

Topstitch the hem on the top and the bottom of the skirt – ensure you’re on your stretch setting. If you’re not, the fabric will pucker and won’t look clean.

20 minute Pencil Skirt: #sewing #diy20 minute Pencil Skirt: #sewing #diy

See – nice clean hemline. You can make the hem any size you like. Mine is 1 inch.

20 minute Pencil Skirt: #sewing #diy

Done! Time to dress up and get ready for work.

20 minute Pencil Skirt: #sewing #diy

Happy sewing.

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