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    Sewing: Week Forty: Leather Trimmed Pencil Skirt

    Leather trimmed pencil skirt for this fall inspired week forty of 52 weeks of sewing. This is a bit of a tricky tutorial mainly because it deals with leather. The thinner your leather the easier time you’ll have sewing; however, if you use thick leather the project will look stunning (it’ll just be hard to sew). Okay, let’s get started! What You Need 1 yard of stretch knit 2 pieces of leather (16.5 x 2.5 inches) waist measurement in 3 inch elastic serger machine matching…

  • Pleated Skirt: 3ten.ca

    Tutorial: Pleated Skirt

    So – this is some of my favourite fabric! I bought a lot when I saw it over a year ago at Ikea. Ikea, I know. The nice thing about their fabric is that it’s huge in width! This stuff is more than 80 inches across. Perfect for this project. What you need fabric – a yard or two machine scissors pins matching thread zipper Step One First step – measure your waist. Double it. Measure your waist to where you want the skirt to…

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    Tutorial: Maxi Skirt

    Maxi skirts are always a spring and summer staple. This tutorial takes a few yards of jersey knit fabric and turns it into a stylish and versatile piece in under an hour. What you need jersey knit stretch fabric – 2-3 yards machine matching thread pins scissors measuring tape First – check to see if your fabric is sheer or not. I’m using this white knit that I got on sale 90% off!!!! I paid 2$ a yard, so this skirt cost me about 4…

  • Pencil Skirt: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: 20 minute Pencil Skirt

    Have nothing to wear? Sew up a new pencil skirt in a jiffy! All you need is about 1 yard of jersey knit fabric (or something with a little stretch that you would wear as a skirt), some matching thread, and a sewing machine. Pencil Skirt I have this wonderful high waisted skirt from Simons – I should have purchased 2 – it’s the perfect fit, and hasn’t faded one bit. I’m using it as my template. Put down your fabric and use a skirt…