Project: Easter Brunch

Easter Brunch:

Easter brunch – are you ready for tomorrow? This simple brunch is sure to please. Eggs, salad and hearty potato pancakes. All easy to prep ahead and nothing needs all of your attention, which is important when cooking for guests. I’ll share with you the three recipes and then how I like to set my table. Let’s get started!

The Recipes

Avocado Eggs
Cucumber and Strawberry Salad
Potato Pancakes

Take a look at the recipes above and know that everything is gluten free – bonus!

For this brunch I’m keeping this light – so these pink placemats are the perfect festive touch. Also, I follow a tip from a designer, Sarah Richardson, I believe, who once said that if you stick to white dishes everything will be cohesive. So true. All of these pieces on the table are different brands and purchased years apart, yet they look good together because they’re all white. And, they’ll let the food stand out.

Place Setting:

Having decor on your table is a nice touch and it keeps the festivities in site. I love this bunny swing my mom got me. It’s just so adorable.


Now, when setting your table, be sure you know how many people are coming. If you’re not sure, it’s best to set it buffet style, so pile the plates rather than setting them. Here, we’re set for four.

Easter Brunch:

Once the food is ready, get it to the table. Here we’re eating family style.

I really like to set the whole table before guests arrive not only so I have a feel for how much space there will be, but also so I don’t have to hunt down a particular dish. I like the table to look balanced and flow nicely, especially when we’re eating family style. It’s a bit of prep-work, yet worth the ease once guests arrive.

Easter Brunch:

Doesn’t this Easter brunch look so good?

Easter Brunch:

Easter Brunch:

Eat up – there won’t be much left at all.

Easter Brunch:

Fill up your plate and get ready to enjoy.

Easter Brunch:

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you have a very Happy Easter.

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