Off the Continent:

Travel: Off the Continent

Off the continent – that’s right, I’m heading to another continent tomorrow! Whoo hoo. See, I told you I had a bit of a busy week ahead. I’ve been trip planning. Like so much trip planning. And getting laundry washed while cleaning the house for our wonderful puppy and house sitter. Our house will be secure and well loved while we are gone, which is why I don’t mind sharing our little (okay, big) trip with you.

Off the Continent

Now, the trip planning is so much fun. We’re visiting 7 different cities in 4 different countries and in a way it feels like 7 different vacations. Planning our route and finding hotels/guesthouses was the first thing I did, then the rest, sights to see and markets to go to, just sort of fell into place as I was doing research. Oh, wait – you don’t even know where I’m going yet!!! Haha…silly me, I’m just too excited and energetic with anticipation. We are going to Hong Kong and then making our way into Southeast Asia to visit 3 more countries – Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.


Sounds cool, eh? It’s gonna be so fun.

Check out these pictures – I set a reminder in our phones when we booked the trip on March 12th – I know, not that long ago at all. Let me tell you, it’s a bit of work (fun work, so maybe that’s not the right word) to plan something this big only 4 weeks out. Okay, back to the reminder. I set it with the intention of making a list when I got it about what needed to be done in the last week before we took off. The best part, though, is that Bryce got the reminder (because we share an iCalendar – how else do shift workers plan their lives?) when he was super busy and under some stress at work; me – I got the reminder while surfing through Pinterest for travel tips. It was like “BAM” life is awesome. Best calendar notification ever, as Bryce said.

Oh, and the weather looks good – a little hot for just before 8am in the morning, yet we’re ready.

Off the Continent:

Off the Continent:

We’re flying out tomorrow morning and although I won’t have a lot of time to blog, because, let’s be real, I’d rather experience the places we visit than sitting in a cafe editing photos, however, I plan on sharing a quick snapshot of some of the cities. I figure I might write while we’re at the airport or on the bus – so I won’t be far.

So, we’re off the continent – just the two of us and our 33L backpacks. Thanks for visiting and I hope you do what makes you happy – I’m sure happy. One more sleep!

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