Sewing: Week Four – Lunch Box Bag

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Week Four Lunch Box Bag:

Week four – lunch box bag! That’s right, week 4 of the 52 weeks of sewing. This bag is perfect to carry my lunch to work – far better than the lulu bag I’ve been using. Although, it was great, this one has a bit more room for the containers I use to pack my lunch. It’s wonderful. I’ll share with you my measurements, yet you might want to make one based on your lunch containers. Regardless of your measurements, this tutorial is great.

Okay, let’s get started!

What you need:

  • 1 pieces of heavy weight fabric 28 inches by 14 inches
  • 32 inches of wide (1.5 inches) of cotton webbing
  • serger
  • matching thread
  • machine
  • iron
  • scissors
  • pins
  • ruler
  • fray check

First up, press your fabric. If you’re using a pattern, be sure you’ve got the right direction going up and down (there is no seam at the bottom of this bag, so if you’re fabric is directional, then one side will be correct and the other side upside down).

Fold the fabric right sides together. Serge along the two sides. Time to box cut the corners. Press the bag and open sideways, so you can create a boxed bottom. Serge a 4 inch boxed corner.

Week Four Lunch Box Bag: 3ten.caWeek Four Lunch Box Bag:

Time for the top hem. Just like in the magazine bag¬†tutorial, serge the top before we pin it under. It’ll keep the hem sturdy.

Fold under 1 inch, then fold under again. Pin and top stitch.

Week Four Lunch Box Bag: 3ten.caWeek Four Lunch Box Bag:

Now, for the cotton webbing. Measure 2 pieces that are 16 inches long. Serge each end so it doesn’t unravel on you. Place them 4 inches inward and 1.5 inches downward. Then, using your machine and a heavy weighted needle, top stitch in a square, making an X in the middle for added strength. Press and use fray check on your seam ends.

Week Four Lunch Box Bag: 3ten.caWeek Four Lunch Box Bag:

Done! See, my containers fit so well. Even room for added fruit or snacks. Score!

Week Four Lunch Box Bag: 3ten.caWeek Four Lunch Box Bag:

Happy sewing, I mean, lunch eating.

Week Four Lunch Box Bag:

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ve enjoyed week 4. See you again soon.

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