• Drawstring Bag: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Week Fifteen Drawstring Bag

    Drawstring bag for the fifteenth week of 52 weeks of sewing. This is a little simple project because I’ve got a busy week coming up – plus, I needed somewhere to store my square pattern weights. You could use this little tutorial for anything – a gift bag, a small laundry bag while travelling, or even a bag to carry muffins in to the neighbour. Just adjust the size and you’ll be all set. Let’s get sewing! What You Need 1 piece of fabric 20…

  • Lunch Bag: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Week Four – Lunch Box Bag

    Week four – lunch box bag! That’s right, week 4 of the 52 weeks of sewing. This bag is perfect to carry my lunch to work – far better than the lulu bag I’ve been using. Although, it was great, this one has a bit more room for the containers I use to pack my lunch. It’s wonderful. I’ll share with you my measurements, yet you might want to make one based on your lunch containers. Regardless of your measurements, this tutorial is great. Okay,…

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    Tutorial: Big Zip Bag

    Big zip bag tutorial. This bag has it all. Great fabric. Large for all the items you love. It stands up on its own. Oh, and a little pocket for your cellphone so you don’t lose it at the bottom of you purse and start to panic that it’s gone forever. Has that ever happened to you? Man, the panic that sets in after 20 seconds of searching through your bag…this bag solves that problem. Okay, let us get started! What you need One Fabric:…

  • Bucket Bag: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Over the Shoulder Bucket Bag

    Over the shoulder bucket bag tutorial – so awesome. This bag will leave your hands free while you shop, walk your dog, or hold your kiddo’s hand. It’s functional and trendy. My favourite is the pop of yellow. Okay, let us get sewing! What You Need 8 pieces of fabric 8 inches x 8 inches 2 pieces of fabric 5 inches x 16 inches 2 pieces of fabric 21 inches x 16 inches 1 14 inch zipper extra fabric for pocket and for zipper ends…

  • DIY Reversible Bag: 3ten.ca

    Project: Reversible Bag

    Project Reversible Bag I did it again! I made some reversible bags!! For the first tutorial, check it out here. Last week, or maybe the week before that, I was at ikea picking up pillows for my pillow cover project and I always swing by the fabric section. They had this awesome striped fabric for 6$. Score. A little side note about my trip at ikea. So, I’m waiting in line to get my fabric cut – and the teenage boy who finally found himself…