DIY Reversible Bag:

Project: Reversible Bag

Project: Reversible Bag:

Project Reversible Bag

I did it again! I made some reversible bags!! For the first tutorial, check it out here.

Last week, or maybe the week before that, I was at ikea picking up pillows for my pillow cover project and I always swing by the fabric section. They had this awesome striped fabric for 6$. Score.

A little side note about my trip at ikea. So, I’m waiting in line to get my fabric cut – and the teenage boy who finally found himself a summer job isn’t the fastest cutter – but I’m patient.

The women in front of me, I will call her Stephanie, is getting 3 different fabrics cut. She starts talking to the women behind me, lets say Angela. Stephanie likes a fabric in Angela’s pile. She asks Angela if she can get some. Angela is super nice – like the kind of lady you want to invite over for tea! Stephanie thanks Angela for allowing her to get some of the trendy fabric. So – time to cut it…the teenage boy asks “how much”? Stephanie says 4 yards. The roll only has 4.5 yards, people!

Stephanie basically stole the fabric from Angela. Crazy. Rude and crazy. I felt so bad for the kindhearted Angela….I wanted to give her my fabric – and even offered!

Okay, back to bags. I grabbled some denim and some heavy cotton from my fabric closet and I was ready to go. Time for this project reversible bag.

Project: Reversible Bag: 3ten.caReversible Bag:

Making a mess on the dining room table…4 bags to make, so 16 bag pieces!

Project: Reversible Bag:

Project: Reversible Bag: 3ten.caProject: Reversible Bag:

I think I matched up the stripes pretty well – like a pro!

Project: Reversible Bag:

They make great gifts…especially when you fill them with goodies!

Project: Reversible Bag:

Have a great weekend and get crafty…

Create, enjoy and love!!

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