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    Project: Reversible Bag

    Project Reversible Bag I did it again! I made some reversible bags!! For the first tutorial, check it out here. Last week, or maybe the week before that, I was at ikea picking up pillows for my pillow cover project and I always swing by the fabric section. They had this awesome striped fabric for 6$. Score. A little side note about my trip at ikea. So, I’m waiting in line to get my fabric cut – and the teenage boy who finally found himself…

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    Tutorial: Reversible Bag

    Reversible Bag Have some fun fabric? Want a cute new summer or fall bag? Try this tutorial – it’s easy, just so long as you follow all the steps. I used the tutorial by very purple person, but I have a few comments, so be sure to keep reading. First, chose some fabrics that complement each other – they don’t need to be matchy-matchy, but they should look good together. Also, if one of your fabrics is flimsy, like the jersey I’m using, then pair…