• Tiny Clutch: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Clutch with Wrist Strap

    Clutch with a wrist strap tutorial. I needed this for a wedding back in May and do you think I could find anything anywhere? No. I was wearing a bright orange (almost neon) dress and I needed something a bit funky, yet a bit neutral to match my nude pumps and the style of the dress. After I made the Big Zip Bag, which is a great tutorial, too, I decided I loved the fabric and wanted to create a clutch with some of the…

  • Jean & Leather Clutch: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Jean and Leather Clutch

    Jean and leather clutch – perfect for cool summer nights or warm fall nights. This is a bit of an upgrade off my clutch tutorial I did a while ago. Check it out, too. This one, however, has a nice and polished lining, something the other one does’t have. The other one I made you could see all the serger seams on the inside. Okay for me, but this clutch was a gift, so I needed to step it up. Plus, the zipper is far…

  • Skirt to Clutch: 3ten.ca

    Project: Skirt to Clutch

    Last year – well, about 15 months ago, when I was shopping in Los Angeles, I found this skirt. I really liked it – it fit well…yet in more than a year I never wore it. Not a big deal, it was 10$. Why not make something out of it, though! This quick project shows you how to go from a skirt to a clutch in less than an hour. Skirt to Clutch Want a full tutorial? Visit my clutch tutorial here. First – you’ll…

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    Tutorial: Clutch

    Need a new accessory for the weekend? Make this winter clutch to accompany any outfit! I liked this one while online shopping at Polyvore – it’s a Clare Vivier Fold Over Clutch and I used it as inspiration – plus, I didn’t have to spend 269$. I only spent 9$!! Making the caramel and neon one wouldn’t be hard, it just would mean a trip to the fabric store – you pick! What You Need Fabric – 2 squares 12×13 12 inch zipper (or 10…