Skirt to Clutch:

Project: Skirt to Clutch

Skirt to Clutch: #sewing #fashion

Last year – well, about 15 months ago, when I was shopping in Los Angeles, I found this skirt. I really liked it – it fit well…yet in more than a year I never wore it. Not a big deal, it was 10$. Why not make something out of it, though! This quick project shows you how to go from a skirt to a clutch in less than an hour.

Skirt to Clutch: #sewing #fashion

Skirt to Clutch

Want a full tutorial? Visit my clutch tutorial here.

First – you’ll need to take out the zipper and create a straight edge. You don’t want a wonky clutch!

Skirt to Clutch: #sewing #fashionSkirt to Clutch: #sewing #fashionSkirt to Clutch: #sewing #fashionSkirt to Clutch: #sewing #fashion

Once all your edges are straight, sew in your zipper.

Skirt to Clutch: #sewing #fashion

Now sew all edges together – do the bottom last.

Skirt to Clutch: #sewing #fashion

You’re done! Skirt to clutch!

Skirt to Clutch: #sewing #fashion

The best part – now when you shop you’ll think of things you can make out of sale clothes. Fun times!

Thanks so much for stopping by and up-cycling with me. It’s fun to turn something I haven’t used into something fresh and new. Which reminds me, it’s time to clean out the closet and perhaps donate some of the items I haven’t worn in years. Sometimes it’s hard for me to give things away that have wonderful memories. If that’s the case, I move them to the front of my closet and try to wear them more often. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Well – I hope you have a good one.

Enjoy the day!

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