Sewing: DIY Swimsuit

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

Summer is sticking around for at least another 6 weeks – this tutorial is perfect if you have a couple of hours and a beach near by. Time to sew up this DIY swimsuit.

What You Need

  • 1/2 a yard of swimsuit fabric and liner
  • matching thread
  • machine
  • scissors

Step One

First – gather your fabric – nice colours, eh?

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

Step Two

Next – I used a pair of undies that I cut up to make the pattern for the bottoms. They fit well and have adequate coverage. Be sure to include the seam allowance.

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewingSwimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

Notice my side stripes don’t match up? I’m not too worried, since I’m putting a piece of trim there later. For the top, though, try and match it up. Next, cut the lining.

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewingSwimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

Step Three

Now, pin the bottoms together (and the lining). Then, pin the bottoms to the lining and serge all around. Stitch sides together.

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewingSwimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewingSwimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewingSwimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

Step Four

Time to finish up the bottoms – turn in each side by 1/4-1/2 an inch. Zig-zag stitch all around.

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewingSwimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

On my first attempt I used a darker thread. I thought it would pop and look nice. Ah, not so much. Looks brutal. Time to get out the seam ripper and start again.

This time, I used clear thread. Not only will it hide the little errors I make, but it’ll also make the swimsuit bottoms look cleaner and more polished.

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewingSwimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

Step Five

Time for the top!

Measure your bust – minus 3 inches. I measured 35 and I subtracted 3, thus 32. However, it wasn’t quite tight enough, so I ended up having to take off another 1 1/2 inches. Check to see how stretchy your fabric is! Then, make it as wide as you like. For mine, it was 6 inches – so I cut it 12 inches wide since it’s going to be doubled up.

I’m making 2 tops – one a twisted bandeau and the other just a plain one with a bit of detail and an added strap.

For the twisted bandeau, you’ll need 2 pieces that are the measurements above. Now the plain one, you’ll need just one (unless your fabric is super sheer, then you’ll need a lining).

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

For the bandeau – turn right sides together and sew along the long seam. Then cross them and get ready to stitch up.

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewingSwimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

Step Six

Now, pin together being sure not to twist the back – pin in place and stitch.

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewingSwimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

That one is done!

Step Seven

For the plain one – again, sew along the long seam when right sides are together. Then sew up the end as if you’re making an infinity scarf.

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewingSwimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

Step Eight

Add some detail and a strap. For the strap – cut a long piece that’s about 4 feet by 2 inches. Then sew right sides together along the long seam, turn right side out and knot the ends. Done.

Ta-Da! Two swim suits ready to beat the heat.

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Swimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewingSwimsuit Tutorial: #diy #sewing

Thanks for visiting – time to sew up!

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