Headbands: 3ten.ca

Tutorial: Headbands

Headband: 3ten.ca #diy #sewing

Have some scraps of jersey knit fabric? You need to make headbands! These twist headbands are inspired by a Pinterest pin from Honeybee Vintage. They are quick and easy – I made 7 in 2 hours…plus, stopping to take lots of photos. They make a great little addition to any gift.

Update – new tutorial – wide headbands! Check it out, too.


Mine measure 4 inches by 18 inches – however, next time, I think I’ll do 6 inches by 18 to get a thicker band – or even 8 inches to copy cat the harmony headband that lululemon sells for 18$. The 7 that I made cost me less than 1$ total! Nuts, eh?

What you Need

  • sewing machine
  • 2 pieces of jersey fabric 4″ x 18″
  • matching thread
  • iron and ironing board

First – cut out your fabric. I pulled a out some jersey from my fabric closet and some scraps I had in my scrap box. For each headband, you’ll need 2 pieces. Some of the fabric I mixed and matched to crate a two toned look.

Headband: 3ten.ca #diy #sewingHeadband: 3ten.ca #diy #sewing

After your fabric is cut, serge (or top stitch) each piece of fabric – long sides, and right sides together. Iron each piece. Turn right side out – iron again (ensuring that the seam is in the centre on the back).

Headband: 3ten.ca #diy #sewingHeadband: 3ten.ca #diy #sewing

Now, lay one pice down, seam side up. Cross that piece with another, seam side down. Match up the sides of each piece (seams on the inside), then match up all 4 ends. Top stitch all 4 ends together.

Headband: 3ten.ca #diy #sewingHeadband: 3ten.ca #diy #sewing

Looks messy, right? Cut off the excess. It’s important to measure correctly, that way your headband finishes nicely – if you’re off by 1/2 and inch, at the back where it closes, it’ll look sloppy. So, measure carefully.

Headband: 3ten.ca #diy #sewingHeadband: 3ten.ca #diy #sewing

You’re done! You now have a headband!

Headband: 3ten.ca #diy #sewing


Or design?
Headband: 3ten.ca #diy #sewing

Two toned?

Headband: 3ten.ca #diy #sewing

Happy Sewing!


  • Sammie

    I’m having a hard time understanding exactly what part you sewed together the first time (when you said serge). Would you mind explaining it a little better to me?

    • Ali

      Hi Sammie,

      For sure!

      Once your fabric is cut (you’ll have two pieces) fold them like a hot dog. With the right sides together. Then, you’ll serge along that long end. Basically making along tube of fabric that’s open at each end.

      Then, when you iron the fabric, make sure the seam that you just serged is centred on the back side.

      Hope that helps clarify – let me know if it’s still not clear.

    • Ali

      Hi Darcy,

      I found mine at various locations. Fabricland here in the Edmonton area, yet I’ve also gotten it at Jo-Ann Fabric stores. Some of the fabrics used in this tutorial were from the Loft in L.A.’s fashion district.

      Hope that’s helpful.

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