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Sewing: Boxy Bag

Boxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorial

Looking for a new boxy travel bag or makeup bag, but can’t bring yourself to pay 20$ for an unfashionable one at the drug store? That’s me…I’ve been needing a new makeup bag, or rather, a little bag to play ‘catch all’ for my stuff when I’m on a day trip, or headed out for the weekend. This project is perfect – it cost about 4$ (depending on your zipper) and takes about 45 minutes. The inspiration for this project comes from sayyes back in April of 2012; however, maybe it’s me because I’m not an expert sewer, but I found some of the tutorial notes difficult to follow so I thought I’d give you some tips and try and show the processes (in my mind) more clearly.

Bonus – you can make it in any size!

I know I told you earlier last week, but this Ikea fabric is pretty handy. This is the third project I’ve used it on – check out the other two: reversible bag and pleated skirt.

What you need

  • 4 pieces of fabric that measure 6 inches by 10 inches (I picked 2 different fabrics – one for the lining and one for the outside – also, make sure at least one of the fabrics has a bit of structure to it…you don’t want it to flop all over the place. Jersey, for example, is not a good idea here).
  • zipper – any length longer than 10 inches will do
  • machine
  • metal cutters
  • matching thread
  • scissors
  • pins

Step One

Okay – first, cut our your material and grab your zipper. Do they all coordinate and match, or look good together? If so, you’re good to go.

Boxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorial

Step Two

Next – lay out your ‘outside’ fabric, right side up on the table. Match up the zipper, right side down, along the top edge. Now, you’re going to hot dog the zipper by putting the ‘inside’ fabric, right side down, lining it up with the outside fabric and the zipper and pin.

The opening of your zipper should be lined up with the one end of the fabric. The tail of the zipper, don’t worry about it – we’ll take care of that later.

Use your zipper foot and top stitch all three pieces together – not so close to the zipper, since you’re working with a couple of fabrics instead of one. Leave about 1/4 of an inch from the zipper edge – that’s where you’re going to want to stitch.

Boxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorialBoxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorial

Now, open up the hot dog. The two wrong sides of the fabric will be back to back and the zipper will be exposed. Iron.

Boxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorial

Okay – time to repeat the process in the revers order. Lay out your other ‘inside’ fabric, right side up. Match up the zipper, right side up, along the top edge. Now, hot dog the zipper by putting the ‘outside’ fabric, right side down. lining it up with the other fabric and zipper.

See the photo below?

Seems bulky, but it will work. Pin and top stitch just like you did the other side.

Boxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorial

Step Three

Now – open everything up – zipper facing up, both outside fabrics on each side, right sides up. Iron.

Boxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorial

Time to sew up the box. Line up the 4 bottoms of the fabric, ‘outside’ fabrics are right sides together and ‘inside’ fabrics are right sides out.


Boxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorialBoxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorial

Top stitch or serge closed then fold in half, wrong side of the zipper out, and iron.

Boxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorialBoxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorial

Open up the zipper about 1/2 way. Pin the end together and top stitch or serge. I top stitched first and then serged, pulling the boxy bag though when I got to the zipper as to not ruin my blade or needles. If you do this, be careful.

Boxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorialBoxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorial

On the side with the zipper tail, top stitch right though the zipper. Now, use metal cutters and cut the zipper. I then serged the end the same way, pulling the boxy bag though when I got to the zipper.

Boxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorialBoxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorial

Step Four

Time to get boxy!!

Fold out each end corner. Iron. Measure 2 inches from one side of the corner to the other. Top stitch along that line (or serge) and then cut the corner off.

Boxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorialBoxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorial

Do this to all 4 sides and then turn the bag right side out.

Boxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorialBoxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorial


It’s a boxy bag!

Boxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorial

Fill with makeup or anything you like.

Make in any size.

Boxy Bag: #sewing #diy #tutorial

Use away!

The perfect little boxy bag for any gift or for yourself.

It’s Sunday – Sunday Funday – sew up and enjoy the day!

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