Preppy Pullover:

Sewing: Week One

Sewing: Week One:

Week One

My first project is McCall’s pattern M6992. It’s an easy pattern of tops, 6 different styles and I did option B. Now, two main things I did differently than what the pattern directions suggest.

1. I rarely baste. Personally, I find it a waste of time, however, in some circumstances I understand why it needs to be done. The reason I didn’t baste is because of my next tip.
2. I sewed the sleeves onto the front and back first, thus no reason to baste.

You’ll see in the photo below what I mean. The one thing you need to be careful of when sewing the sleeves on first is that you’ve got the front of the sleeve with the front of the body. And then, the back with the back. Otherwise, the pattern won’t work out well for you.

Sewing: Week One:

The main reason I did this step first is because you want the arm and the side body to be one seam. My sewing instructor in one of my very first classes taught me this. Not only does it look more professional, but it holds up better and makes the armpit seam far less chunky. Try it!

Sewing: Week One:

This pattern was fully completed on my serger. No need for a machine at all. Main reason is because of the neck, cuffs and the bottom band – all out of ribbing and thus no top stitching. Makes for a quick project.

Sewing: Week One:

I mixed the navy and black since I love to wear black leggings and if I made this navy only, I’d be a bit hooped. Plus, I love the white contrast with the dark sleeves. A bit of a preppy look.

Sewing: Week One:

One last tip – I shortened this project in the torso by about 3 inches. Make sure you read your pattern and the final measurements guide. Some projects will tell me I’m a size 8 based on my chest size, but the finish measurements have the size 8 at 2 or 3 inches bigger. Often I’m not looking for so much room, so I modify and ensure the project will fit me the way I want it to. Don’t be afraid to adjust patterns for your body, you’ll be happier with the end product!

Sewing: Week One:

I hope you enjoyed week one – pick up McCall’s pattern M6992 if you want to make something similar and use my tips and ticks above.

See you again soon!

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