Sewing: Pants to Shorts

Pants to Shorts: #diy #refashion

About two years ago I need some black pants and it’s always difficult to find good ones that don’t fade for a good price. These Banana Republic ones were only 40$ each. I got two.

Over the past year I’ve only worn them once (and one pair not at all). I don’t really wear them much anymore. So, why not turn one of them into shorts…easier and quicker than going shopping for some! Here we go – pants to shorts.

What You Need

  • pants
  • scissors
  • matching thread
  • machine

First – measure out where you want your shorts to sit (I tried mine on to do this). Add 1/2 an inch and cut. My pants are made of rayon, so I’ve gotta hem them – plus, it’ll look more professional, too. If you wish, you could just leave them. Although, I recently cut a pair of old jeans into shorts – I always suggest putting in a hem stitch (like just a top stitch) about 1/4 – 1/2 and inch above the cut line, that way the fraying can only go so far!

Pants to Shorts: #diy #refashionPants to Shorts: #diy #refashion

I serged the edge and then turned it up 3/8 of an inch. Top stitched and then done!

Hem looks good.

Pants to Shorts: #diy #refashionPants to Shorts: #diy #refashion

Here they are – front and back – all done and ready to wear. A quick and easy tutorial for turning pants to shorts in a jiffy.

Pants to Shorts: #diy #refashion

Pants to Shorts: #diy #refashion

Time to enjoy this long weekend – it’s the last one this summer.

Happy day!

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