Sewing: Week Forty Nine: McCall’s 6612 Pattern Review

McCall's 6612 Pattern Review:

It’s pattern review time – here I’m doing McCall’s 6612 pattern review. The best part about this review is that I only use my serger. Serger projects are the best! Let’s get started and I’ll walk you through some tips.

What You Need

  • McCall’s 6612 pattern
  • 2 yards of jersey fabric
  • serger
  • matching thread
  • pins
  • iron
  • ironing board

Okay – so this is about the third or forth time I’ve used this pattern and each one has turned out well. On this black dress I only use my serger, which is a first for this pattern. I’ll walk you through it.

McCall's 6612 Pattern Review:

First, if you want to only use your serger, you’ll need twice the amount of fabric the pattern calls for.

Last night I attended a holiday party and about 90% of the women were in black. I wore a bright green dress which I love. A black dress, however, is quite a staple in anyone’s closet. So, I put this thin jersey to use and doubled it up so it wasn’t sheer.

Cut your pattern and be sure to cut double if you’re following along with me.

McCall's 6612 Pattern Review:


Here are some tips if you’re following the serger only way.

  1. Place right sides of pattern piece 2 together – serge along the neck
  2. With right sides together serge the bottom of pattern pieces 4 together – repeat for the other sleeve
  3. If you want, you can serge right sides together along the bottom hem – pieces 1 and 2. I didn’t, since I did a serged hem at the end
  4. Last tip – when you’re serging the body together, be sure you’ve got all 4 pieces pinned – you don’t want to miss a layer

If you follow the tips above along with the pattern instructions you’ll be all set. One other thing I did (and I do this on all patterns) is create one seam from the sleeve down the body. This method works well on this pattern, too. Don’t forget to press you seams – your finished product will look far more polished.

That’s it – done!

Overall, the project took about 90 minutes. I plan on wearing it tomorrow. The neck is my favourite part. The pattern fits well on my body although it runs big – an A in my books for patterns.

McCall's 6612 Pattern Review:

McCall's 6612 Pattern Review:

McCall's 6612 Pattern Review:

McCall's 6612 Pattern Review:

Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you again soon. Happy sewing!

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