60 Foot Tower: 3ten.ca

Project: 60 Foot Tower

60 Foot Tower: 3ten.ca

60 foot tower! Oh my goodness, why would anyone need to have this on their property? Well, we live in the country and we finally got tired of slow internet.

This is a DMX-68AN tower, so it’s actually 68 feet tall!

Do you stream Netflix? Crave? Watch YouTube videos with ease? Well, we struggled to get Netflix to stream consistently, and no way the other two would work. So, we did a whole heck of a lot of research and after the tree cutting in 2019 (see, I knew I had to share that post, first) we got a good indication of how high we needed to be to get above the tree line.

60 Foot Tower

Big Hole: 3ten.ca

Step one – dig a huge hole to the specifications of your tower. Then, for step two, build the tower (well, at least the first 2 pieces) so you have the base in place before the concrete.

Oh, and be sure you’ve got a supervisor – Daphne is on duty!

Supervisor: 3ten.ca
60 Foot Tower: 3ten.ca

Step three is to fill the hole with concrete. Funny story? I fell but over tea kettle down our back hill. Burrs in my hair, scraped my knee and kinked my neck. On the first run, ta-boot! The concrete guy said it was the best fall he’s seen in 20 years. I think he was just trying to be nice.

Concrete Truck: 3ten.ca

Step four – once the concrete is in place, level it off and put your mark on it!

Oh, and you can see we did hand prints (and included Daphne), but then she thought she’d add her own personal touch. Such a goof.

Concrete Pad: 3ten.ca
Concrete Pad: 3ten.ca

Daph-Daph is such a stinker – she makes us laugh all the time.

Okay, onto the next step. For step five, we suggest you rent a boom lift since you’ll be installing the rest of the tower pieces.

The last step is to get your provider out and install that lightening fast internet. In order to get fast internet we needed to get above the tree line. Not all places are like this, obviously, yet we love where we live and didn’t want to move. Okay, in the photo below can you see the guy on our tower?

See the big orange bush up close, follow the tree line to the left, just past the orange bunch sticking out, and past the one hooking to the left – the internet installer is at the top installing the dish which will face south (this photo is taken from the north).

60 Foot Tower: 3ten.ca


Well, that’s that – we’re done! Now we have super-duper internet just like people living in the city. So worth it.

60 Foot Tower: 3ten.ca

Thanks so much for visiting – I’ll see you again soon. Bye!

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