Twine Christmas Ornaments:

Project: Twine Christmas Ornaments

DIY Twine Christmas Ornaments:

Twine Christmas ornaments – this easy diy project is messy, but worth it.

In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of spending a lot of money on Christmas ornaments. I don’t really see the value in a $12 ornament. We have a 12 foot tree and the rough analysis of how many ornaments we need is between 240 – 450 ornaments. So, let’s roughly say a low average price of $4 per ornament – that’s between $960 – $1800. Ah, no thank you. These diy twine Christmas ornaments cost me 0.75$ each and I made 24 (this included everything except the items I already owned, like the towels and the hangers). My goal this year is to make roughly 120 ornaments and for less than $50. I think I can get it done. Okay, let’s get started!

What You Need

  • 10 oz of Mod Podge – $6.75
  • 500 feet of twine – $7.00
  • 24 balloons – $2.00
  • plastic wrap – $0.25
  • 5 oz of water – tap water
  • bowl – $0.10
  • foam brush – $1.80
  • 2 large rag towels – owned
  • 24 wire hooks – $.10
  • 8 hangers – owned

First, gather all of your supplies. I’m using two colours of twine – traditional and ivory to give our look some variety. Don’t use cotton or any other rope like product – twine works best. Also, I put down a large crappy towel so I didn’t make a mess on the counter.

DIY Twine Christmas Ornaments:

Also – let me apologize for the quality of these photos – they’re taken with my 4 year old iPhone since my camera battery was dead and I didn’t want the Mod Podge to harden before I started.

Blow up the balloons (I worked in two shifts of 12) to the size you want. With such a large tree, I wanted large ornaments. Wrap the balloons in plastic wrap for easy removal.

Next, wrap in twine. I taped one end to the balloon and then used about 10-12 feet to cover it. Be sure you’re keeping the twine taught. Then, tuck the end piece under another to secure it.

Lastly, mix your Mod Podge in a bowl (I used a throw-away bowl for easy clean up). Mix 1 part water with 2 parts Mod Podge. Combine well.

Cover all the twine.

DIY Twine Christmas Ornaments:

Using your wire hooks hang the ornaments to dry. I hung them in our guest room closet and put a large towel underneath them since they will drip. Leave them dry for at least 10 hours – I let mine dry for 24.

DIY Twine Christmas Ornaments:

Time to pop the balloon and pull out all the plastic wrap.

DIY Twine Christmas Ornaments:


Our tree isn’t up yet – we’re putting it up on Saturday. So for now, these diy twine ornaments are hanging out on our dining room table. All 24 for $18! I priced them out at a few stores – Michael’s was selling 6 for $12 and Winners had some, a pack of 9 was $16. My pack of 12 for $9 is far better (or 24 for $18). Score.

DIY Twine Christmas Ornaments:

When they go on the tree we’ll either just hang them or we’ll use a bit of thread to make a loop hanger.

DIY Twine Christmas Ornaments:

DIY Twine Christmas Ornaments:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great Monday!

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