Dog Stocking:

Sewing: Week Fifty: Reversible Dog Stocking

Reversible Dog Stocking:

Oh my – Christmas is only 15 days away. Wow! Oh, and this is my third last post for the 52 weeks of sewing. It’s time for the reversible dog stocking.

You’ve most likely seen these on Pinterest and tried to find a tutorial – I tried and failed. Most pins are of people selling them on Etsy – and one, the best one I found, wasn’t a full bone. The backing was a bone and then the front was like a big pocket. Not my thing. I did, however, use the back pattern from the Embroidery Library as my template.

Okay, let’s get started!

What You Need

  • 1/2 a yard of fabric (x2 – since it’s reversible)
  • machine
  • pins
  • matching thread
  • iron
  • ironing board
  • scissors
  • 6 inches of ribbon
  • pattern

Okay – first, print your pattern and get your pre-washed fabric ready.

I’m using this far too cute ruff-ruff fabric from Jo-Ann’s for one side and the other is a wool felt. It’s important to use fabric that’s easy to sew, doesn’t slip, and isn’t much of a hassle.

Reversible Dog Stocking:

It’s cute, eh?

Reversible Dog Stocking:

Now that you’ve got your fabric cut out place fabric one, right sides together, with your second fabric. This seems odd, yet we’re going to make the opening first.

Pin from halfway up the circle of top of the bone to the other side.

Reversible Dog Stocking:

Be sure you add in your 6 inch piece of ribbon to one side so you can hang your stocking.

Also – just a tip – be sure you’re fabric is facing upwards (we’re stitching the top) so the pattern on the fabric is going the correct way.

Reversible Dog Stocking:

Now, turn the fabric right side out. Press.

Reversible Dog Stocking:

With right sides together pin fabric one to the other fabric one piece – and do same for the second fabric.

The Trick

Match up the seam.

Reversible Dog Stocking:

You’ll need to get that seam stitch just right in order for this to flip and be reversible.

Reversible Dog Stocking:

Pin all around and stitch leaving about 3 inches open on the straight edge of one of the bones (I left my opening on the grey fabric).

Here’s a trick – I used only my machine. No way I could navigate my serger around those curves, especially in that tight space where one curve meets the other like in a heart shape. No way. If you can, then teach me how! So, ya, use a machine.

Reversible Dog Stocking:

Be sure that seam is matched up on both sides.

Reversible Dog Stocking:

Turn the stocking right side out through the hole you left. Then, press. You can stop here if you want. I wanted a polished look, so I top stitched the stocking. I started with the grey side, top stitching only grey to grey. Then the ruff-ruff side, top stitching only white to white. Then, top stitch the top separately – I put the ruff-ruff on top in my machine and my bobbin thread was grey, so the top stitching matched on both sides.

Reversible Dog Stocking:

That’s it – you’re done!

Press and you pick which side you want to show!

Reversible Dog Stocking:

It’s almost Christmas and Lily is going to love her stocking.

Reversible Dog Stocking:

Reversible Dog Stocking:

Oh, get this.

Last night I let her out and I wanted to see how this reversible dog stocking would hang on the mantle. So, I put it up and when she came back inside (rather quickly, I might add, since it’s -23 here) she started barking and barking. I didn’t know what was up. She was staring at the stocking which was moving around in a circle because of the fireplace fan. Pretty funny – this cute pup will enjoy her Christmas morning with this reversible dog stocking.

Thanks for visiting – see you again soon.


  • Tori

    So cute! I love how your bone stocking turned out! I agree, most pins are for people selling them on Etsy. But it’s pretty simple to make and this way you can perfect coorindate it to your decor!

    I love hanging these on my mantle every year!

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