Recipe: Recap of Five Fabulous Fall Recipes

Five Fabulous Fall Recipes

Recap of Five Fabulous Fall Recipes

It’s that time. Time for fall recipes. Here’s the recap of five fabulous fall recipes.

The lentil chili is probably my favourite…unless it’s a cozy morning and in that case, I’ll take the pumpkin muffins. Yes, please. Bring on the pumpkin and the cooler weather. I’m ready. Are you?

This is a recap of the last week and the fabulous (and gluten free) recipes that I featured. Don’t forget to enjoy this sunny Sunday. Spend the day with family…they are special.

Five Fall Recipes:


Five Fall Recipes:



These recipes are full of flavour and full of fall. It’s that time of year when the leaves keep falling and all you want to do is hold off winter for a little longer. Unless you snowboard, in which case, I bet you can’t wait for winter to get here. Our yard is full of so many leaves and we just blew them all off the lawn a few days ago. It’s raining leaves. Oh, and if you have dogs, like we do, you know this is the season for muddy paws. The ground isn’t quite frozen, but it’s damp from the light rain or the light snow. Yes, it snowed (melted as soon as it hit the ground) a few days ago. The weather here in Edmonton is so up and down. In the past month I’ve switched the furnace from AC to heat about 5 times. The view is worth it, though!

Have fun cooking or baking and remember that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We all have a lot to be thankful for and it probably deserves thanks more than one day a year. Be kind and have fun. Happy Sunday Funday!

See you again soon.

Five Fabulous Fall Recipes

Visit again soon – coming up a few tricks and treats to get you ready for Halloween. Boo!

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