DIY: Patio Tablecloth

DIY Tablecloth:
This DIY patio tablecloth is my tentative answer to not finding a table for our deck. I’m sure you know my troubles trying to find a suitable patio table…this is a quick and easy solution and can actually be used to make any tablecloth!

What You Need

  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Serger
  • Buttons
  • Ribbon
  • Washers

I made my DIY patio tablecloth a bit big for the table because I want it to fit picnic tables when we go camping, too. I made it 50 inches by 85 inches.

DIY Tablecloth: 3ten.caDIY Tablecloth:

Cut your fabric and get ready to apply the roll hem. I’m using a purple variant thread, so the colour changes from light to dark over the course of a few inches. Make sure you test out your roll hem to make sure it’s the look you want.

DIY Tablecloth: 3ten.caDIY Tablecloth:

Once the hem is done, stitch the ribbon in place – about 1.5 inches up from the corner. Then hand stitch on a button for a decorative touch.

DIY Tablecloth: 3ten.caDIY Tablecloth:

Next, tie on some washers for weight. I didn’t paint or do anything to my washers since I like the industrial look – but feel free to pretty them up!

DIY Tablecloth: 3ten.caDIY Tablecloth:

Look at that – from shabby to summer!

DIY Tablecloth:

Enjoy your outdoor area and light up the BBQ!!

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