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Home Improvement: Lighting

Home Improvement Lighting:

Home Improvement Lighting

Lights are a great way (like barn doors) to update your home. When we moved into our home a couple of years ago (man, time flies!) the lights were not so nice. Boob lights, as they are most commonly called, flooded our ceilings and ancient-looking wall sconces decorated our walls. Some people may like those styles,however, we say flat out YUCKY!!

Time to update…

The light above is actually a DIY project my husband competed. Using old fashioned filament lights and electrical pole and some common lamp electrical cords we have a one of a kind corner wall light. Cool, eh?!

The light below is a flat style from Home Depot. We used this style to replace 2 boob lights. It’s base is big enough to cover the whole made by the previous light, so no ceiling repair was needed. Moreover, this light is bigger, brighter and far more stylish. The light is brushed silver and has a warm glow.

Home Improvement Lighting:

This last light is what we used to replace our hideous wall sconces and I wish I would have taken pictures of the before. I almost died laughing when my husband asked if he should keep the old ones for a future project – ah, no, no thank you! As a result, they hit the trash (well, the take it or leave it section at the dump, actually).

Home Improvement Lighting:

The lights are modern, but not overly so – they still match our style and most importantly, they light up our life!

Happy lighting!

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