Yarn Wall Hanging : 3ten.ca

Project: Yarn Wall Hanging

Yarn Wall Hanging : 3ten.ca

Yarn wall hanging – the perfect afternoon project for your home, office or any interior space in need of a little decor. From start to finish this project took about 4 hours. Don’t underestimate the time needed to cut all of the yarn!

Okay, let’s get started.

What You Need

  • 6 bundles of yarn
  • wooden plank / dowel
  • scissors
  • clamps

First, pick out some yarn in colours of your choice. This piece measures about 6 feet wide by 4 feet tall. I went for a textured pink/red colour for the middle and then tied in some of the cooler colours that compliment my office.

Where did this idea come from? Well, my office is about 110 square feet and it’s tall – about 12 feet tall and it echos. So, when I moved into my new office in August I knew I wanted something that would help breakup the sound and warm the space.

Once you pick your colours, unroll and cut all of the yarn to the longest length you’re looking for (it was at this point I didn’t know what the bottom shape was going to be – if you know, you can cut each piece precisely first).

Crafting: 3ten.ca

Then, knot it all around the wooden plank or dowel. I used a wooden plank because I didn’t want a string to hang the yarn – I wanted it mounted right to the wall.

I also added some texture by braiding the grey and purple pieces – just giving it some added character.

Yarn Wall Hanging : 3ten.ca

Okay, now clamp it up and cut. Go slowly since you can’t put back what you cut. Step back often and take a peek at your work.

Yarn Wall Hanging : 3ten.ca

Done! How cool is this? It’s so awesome. Oh, and don’t mind the black bananas in the background – just a bit of banana madness! haha.

Okay – here it is in my office – looks so great. I don’t even mind that it’s not perfect, that’s part of the fun.

Yarn Wall Hanging : 3ten.ca

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Office: 3ten.ca
Office: 3ten.ca
Office: 3ten.ca

Well, that’s it – my office with my yarn wall hanging. Thanks so much for visiting and I’ll see you again soon. Enjoy the weekend!

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