• Cairns Snapshot - travel photos!

    Travel: Cairns Snapshot

    Cairns snapshot – what a beautiful city serving as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef! We landed in Cairns (via Vancouver and Brisbane) on Sunday and spent three peaceful nights, and four days exploring. Let’s check out a few…

  • American Thanksgiving 2022 - the perfect family meal!

    American Thanksgiving 2022

    American Thanksgiving 2022 is full of some old classics. From my Nana’s gravy mug to some good old fashioned cornbread, this meal is flat out comfort food. Let’s get cooking! Recipes These recipes might not be too fancy, but the…

  • Omaha Dinner Eats - some of the best restaurants in Omaha for dinner.

    Travel: Omaha Dinner Eats

    Omaha dinner eats – some of the best restaurants in Omaha for dinner. My favourite? M’s Pub! Yet I’ll share a few other top picks, too. Okay, let’s check out some awesome eats. Oh, and don’t forget to check out…

  • Durham Museum - a must see if you're in Omaha!

    Travel: Durham Museum

    Durham Museum – it’s an old train station, one utilized by Union Pacific Railway, that’s been turned into a museum. It’s a must see if you’re in Omaha. The historical architecture is beautiful. Okay, let’s check out some photos. Durham…

  • Bob's Bridge - the great joining of Nebraska and Iowa!

    Travel: Bob’s Bridge

    Bob’s bridge joins Nebraska and Iowa and spans across the Missouri River for a total of 0.9 kilometres. Visit at night when it’s cool and the lights reflect off the water. Okay, photo time! Bob’s Bridge Check out this welcome…

  • Kenefick Park, home of two of the greatest locomotives ever to power Union Pacific Railroad.

    Travel: Kenefick Park

    Kenefick Park is home to the greatest locomotives to power the Union Pacific Railroad, and it’s right beside the Lauritzen Gardens and the Marjorie K Daugherty Conservatory. These trains are massive, let’s climb the stairs and check these beasts out.…

  • Travel

    Travel: Mexico City Grand Prix Snapshot

    Mexico City Grand Prix snapshot – home of the 20th round on the 2022 Formula One World Championship schedule. Yes, Max Verstappen is already the world champion, yet that doesn’t change how epic these first couple of days have been.…