• Travel Australia

    Travel: Red Rock Trail

    Red Rock Trail – this 8km trail over rocks, beach, and more rocks is stunning, peaceful, and sweaty if the sun is out. It’s in full sun, slather on the sun screen, grab some water, and let’s hit the trail.…

  • Agnes Waters Beach

    Travel: Agnes Waters Beach

    Agnes Waters Beach – one of the most beautiful and relaxing places on our whole trip. The beach was quite, as you can see. And the waves were big! Okay, not that big, but big enough to play in and…

  • American Thanksgiving 2023

    Recipe: American Thanksgiving 2023

    American Thanksgiving 2023. It’s that time of year again, turkey, mashed potatoes, and all the family laughs you can get! I’m not too sure about you, but the last few months have flown by! Okay, let’s get into these recipes.…

  • 2 Days in Kinka Beach

    Travel: 2 Days in Kinka Beach

    2 days in Kinka Beach! Where? In the best little beach town in Queensland, Australia. Kinka Beach has just over 600 people and it’s the sweetest little spot to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. We spent two glorious days in Kinka…

  • Travel Australia:

    Travel: Kinka Palms Motel

    Kinka Palms Motel is one of the cutest, most comfortable places we stayed on our trip to Australia. The rooms are spacious, the beds are cozy, and the decor is simple and elegant. Plus, the outdoor space is awesome! Okay,…

  • Travel Japan

    Travel: Osaka Snapshot

    Osaka snapshot! Spending three nights, four days in Osaka is the perfect amount of time to visit this Japanese food haven. From ramen and soba, to takoyaki, this place has it all. One of the highlights on our trip was…

  • Kyoto Snapshot

    Travel: Kyoto Snapshot

    Kyoto snapshot! We just finished up four days in Kyoto and it’s a beautiful city – worth visiting. We spent time eating more ramen, hiking, checking out gardens, and seeing some sights. The city is far less busy than Tokyo…