• Victoria Monument: 3ten.ca

    Travel: London Sights

    London sights – this city has so much to offer, from museums and monuments, to even iconic items like red double decker busses. If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve shared quite a bit from our time in London…

  • Buckingham Palace: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Buckingham Palace

    Buckingham Palace – my oh my, it is the best sight to see in London. Even if you’re not hugely into the Royal Family, the architecture, the history, and the stories you’ll hear on the self guided tour are worth…

  • Christmas Tree Skirt: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Christmas Tree Skirt

    A Christmas tree skirt – it’s so adorable and fits well with our farmhouse holiday style. Do you remember the Holiday Home Tour from 2016? Well this tree skirt matches our stockings – it’s super fun. I’m making a 60…

  • Pinecone Wreath: 3ten.ca

    Project: Pinecone Wreath

    A winter pinecone wreath. Don’t be fooled, this wreath is heavy and big! It’s 24 inches and my guess is it weights about 18 pounds. Those pinecones and glue are heavy. This is a standard pinecone wreath that you can…

  • Qbic Hotel London: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Qbic Hotel

    The Qbic Hotel in London is a sweet little place that’s reasonably priced and close to the tube. They market themselves as a eco-sustainable hotel, which is important in this day and age. Check out their site for more info.…