• Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

    Travel: Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

    The Brisbane City Botanic Gardens – a great way to spend time outside in the summer and stay cool. The trees offer a lot of shade! Bring a cold drink, a snack, and enjoy the greenery. We found this place…

  • Brisbane South Bank City Walk

    Travel: Brisbane South Bank City Walk

    Brisbane South Bank City Walk – it’s a walkabout with city views, walking paths, and many places to grab a snack along the way. From the B-R-I-S-B-A-N-E sign to the ferris wheel, there are some great sights. Okay, let’s check…

  • Museum of Brisbane

    Travel: Museum of Brisbane

    The Museum of Brisbane is a small section of Brisbane City Hall – it’s full of fun, oddities, and the culture that is Brisbane. Plus, you get an awesome view of the centre dome roof! Let’s check it out. Oh,…

  • Queensland Museum

    Travel: Queensland Museum

    The Queensland Museum in Brisbane, Australia is worth checking out. It shares the same block with the Queensland Art Gallery and has some wonderful full time exhibits. Plus, we saw one of the biggest spiders ever – like alive, loose,…

  • Brisbane City Hall

    Travel: Brisbane City Hall

    Brisbane City Hall is an awesome place to visit if you’re in the Queensland area. It’s free, informative, and fun! Okay, let’s check out some photos. Brisbane City Hall The first stones were laid in 1917 and were then found…

  • Gallery of Modern Art

    Travel: Gallery of Modern Art

    Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It’s stunning. The gallery won’t take you very long, maybe about 60-90 minutes, unless you like to really take your time. A few modern pieces were also at the Queensland Art Gallery,…

  • Queensland Art Gallery

    Travel: Queensland Art Gallery

    The Queensland Art Gallery – it’s free and worth checking out! From a mix of Australian art to some special pieces from around the world, this art gallery is an awesome way to spend the afternoon. Okay, let’s check out…