• Courtyard Marriott Omaha is a great downtown hotel right near the Old Market.

    Travel: Courtyard Marriott Omaha

    The Courtyard Marriott in Omaha is downtown and just a block away from the Old Market. It’s spacious, has a great view, and super friendly staff! If you’re going to downtown Omaha anytime soon, then pick this hotel! The only…

  • Fruity Pebbles treats - they're colourful, gluten free, and chewy!

    Recipe: Fruity Pebbles Treats

    Fruity Pebbles treats – they’re gluten free (I know, right!) and chewy. Not only are they colourful, they pack a fruit filled punch. Let’s get cooking! Ingredients stick of salted butter 15 oz of marshmallows 2 tablespoons of vanilla 8…

  • Nordegg camping is some of the best off the grid camping in Alberta.

    Travel: Nordegg Camping

    Nordegg camping – some of the best off the grid camping in Alberta. Awesome hikes, cool breezes, and the mountains. What else could you ask for? Let’s camp! A few weekends ago we hooked up Tipsy the Boler and headed…

  • Coliseum trail in Nordegg - a great climb!

    Travel: Coliseum Trail

    Coliseum trail – an awesome hike in Nordegg, Alberta. You can hike this 15km hike in around 5 hours, and it’ll make you sweat with all the switchbacks. I’ll admit, it gets a tad tedious, yet the views through the…

  • Reese's S'mores - one of the best camping treats around!

    Recipe: Reese’s S’mores

    Reese’s s’mores – one of the best camping treats around! These s’mores are packed with delicious Reese’s peanut butter goodness and make for a tasty s’more. Start your fire and let’s get cooking! Ingredients One Reese’s bar 8 graham crackers…

  • Windy Ridge Point is a 5km trail in Nordegg - it's hard, yet rewarding!

    Travel: Windy Point Ridge

    Windy Point Ridge is a 5km hard hiking trail in Nordegg, Alberta. It’s gives you an awesome view of Lake Abraham, and has a nice trailhead area where you can park, have a picnic, and even take a dip to…

  • Summer cesar salad - a fresh and fruit filled dish. Let's eat up!

    Recipe: Summer Cesar Salad

    Summer cesar salad – a fresh and fruit filled dish. It’s perfect for summer BBQs, or as a side for lunch. Take out the croutons and replace them with berries, and for the bacon lovers, some hearty peaches or nectarines…