• Margherita Pizza: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Margherita Pizza

    Margherita pizza – this is my go-to order when we’re at a pizza place. Gluten free? Of course! This pizza is light and fresh and I love the cheesy goodness. Okay, let’s get cooking! Ingredients Gluten free pizza crust 1/2…

  • Pink Sprinkle Cookies: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Pink Sprinkle Cookies

    Pink sprinkle cookies! Just in time for Valentine’s day tomorrow. These cookies are chewy and the best part is, the cookie base is so simple that you can use it to make chocolate chip cookies or even skor cookies. Rolling…

  • Roasted Cheesy Green Beans: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Roasted Cheesy Green Beans

    Roasted cheesy green beans are a colourful side dish for any holiday meal. It’s a bit of a play off of the parmesan asparagus recipe I made a while back, yet this recipe uses grana padano for added flavour and…

  • GF Fluffy Churro Waffles: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: GF Fluffy Churro Waffles

    GF fluffy churro waffles. This recipe mashes together two of my favourites – churro waffles that I made back before I was a celiac and fluffy waffles, the perfect gluten free breakfast treat. Okay, let’s get cooking! Ingredients 1 1/2…

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    Recipe: Top Freezer Meals

    Top freezer meals! I’m not a huge slow cooker or crock pot person, yet when things get busy (work, school or life) I like to put a few meals in the freezer just in case things get a little out…