• Castle Hill Reserve

    Travel: Castle Hill Reserve

    Castle Hill Reserve is a tail system in Townsville, Queensland. It’s full of breathtaking views of the city and will keep your heart betting! We saw so many people on the trails and it’s no wonder, since it’s a workout…

  • 2 Days in Mission Beach

    Travel: 2 Days in Mission Beach

    2 days in Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia – what a place! Mission Beach is full of hikes, some of the best Thai food we’ve ever had, and is a great place for a little visit as you travel the east…

  • Mission Reef Resort

    Travel: Mission Reef Resort

    Mission Reef Resort is a quaint little place in Mission Beach. It’s low frills, yet priced well. Out of all the places we stayed, it had the least amenities, but for two nights it was worth it! Mission Reef Resort…

  • Mount Tyson

    Travel: Mount Tyson

    Mount Tyson – one of the most difficult hikes I’ve ever done. Not only was it a full 4 hours, we spent about 3 of those hours going up, and took us about an hour to get down. It’s a…

  • Hike Australia

    Travel: Kennedy Bay Trail

    Kennedy Bay Trail is a hiking path outside of Mission Beach in Queensland, Australia. It’s a mix of both inland and beach hiking with some beautiful views. Let’s hike! Kennedy Bay Trail First, there are various trails you can take,…

  • Treat Time!

    Recipe: Cookie Dough Rice Krispies

    Ingredients Cookie dough rice krispies – with sprinkles! The best chewy treat around. They’re easy to make, a sure crowd pleaser, and they satisfy the chewy sweet treat you’ve been looking for. Let’s bake up! Ingredients The gluten free rice…

  • Travel Australia

    Travel: 3 Days in Cairns

    3 days in Cairns, Queensland, Australia – it’s known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, but Cairns has so much more to offer. This is where we started our 4 week adventure and I’ll share a few highlights…