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    Sewing: Week Forty Five: Plaid Flannel Mittens

    Plaid flannel mittens are fun and easy to make. The project, beginning to end took me about 1 hour. That includes finding a pattern and then cutting it out. So, let’s get started on this sewing project! What You Need pattern plaid flannel (about 1/3 of a yard) warm fleece (about 1/3 of a yard) ribbing (about 1/3 of a yard) machine serger matching thread pins scissors First – this project is adapted from Beth’s ‘Smittens’ which are made out of sweaters. These are made…

  • Polar Plunge: 3ten.ca

    Photos: Polar Bear Plunge

    Polar Bear Plunge The plunge – the slogan – freeze’em for a reason! Why would we jump in ice water? To raise money for a charity, of course! This year Bryce and I decided to get each other unforgettable experiences and keep the cost down low. This was his gift to me – jumping in freezing ice water in the middle of January, in Edmonton – Northern Canada. So cold, so fun, so unforgettable, that’s for sure! We love the idea of stepping out of…

  • Projects

    Project: Heavy Blanket

    Heavy blankets are key for comfy couch time – especially in the winter! I usually buy the discount fabric in the back of the store – it’s about 3$ a meter (I pick only fabrics that are 60 inches wide) and I get 2 meters of 5 different fabrics. So, it’s roughly a 30$ project – not bad for keeping warm! Pick out 5 fabrics that aren’t necessarily matchy-matchy but simply look good together. Different textures work well, too. As you can see above –…

  • Snowman Time: 3ten.ca

    Snowman Time!

    Snowman Time It’s not very often that the snow in Northern Alberta gets heavy and dense like it does in Ontario – the perfect snowman making snow. This kind of snow calls for a high-five, for sure! Bella supervising while Lily hunts for branches for arms in the background. Lily helping, or rather trying to eat the snowman. I didn’t have dogs growing up, and as an adult I’m more amazed by them – I can’t believe how much my pups love to eat snow.…