Project: Heavy Blanket

Heavy blankets are key for comfy couch time – especially in the winter! I usually buy the discount fabric in the back of the store – it’s about 3$ a meter (I pick only fabrics that are 60 inches wide) and I get 2 meters of 5 different fabrics. So, it’s roughly a 30$ project – not bad for keeping warm! Pick out 5 fabrics that aren’t necessarily matchy-matchy but simply look good together. Different textures work well, too.

Heavy Blanket:

As you can see above – I’ve made 2 types.  One is solid, so you can’t see the fabric that creates the warmth and weight; and on the other – it’s more rag like. I’ll explain below how to make the rag effect.

Heavy Blanket: 3ten.caHeavy Blanket:

Heavy Blanket

First, you’ll need a big area to lay out your fabric. Lay all 5 layers down together – keep in mind that the 2 outside fabrics need to be the first and the second fabric you lay down (and right sides together), since when you turn it right side out, the last fabric will then be buddy-buddy with the first and the two showing will be the first 2 you layered. Just a reminder if you have a specific end look in mind.
Notice how all the fabrics don’t line up – a major frustration of mine, since the fabric cutters at my local fabric shop aren’t as ‘spot on’ as I’d like them to be…it happens with bum/discount fabric. All are at least 2 meters long, so I’m good. Cut the excess off and pin around all the edges, leaving an opening big enough to turn the whole blanket right side out.

Heavy Blanket: 3ten.caHeavy Blanket:

Stitch all around, leaving room to turn the blanket right side out – don’t forget to add your label!

Heavy Blanket: 3ten.caHeavy Blanket:

Top stitch all the way around and close up the opening you used to turn the blanket out.

Rag Blanket

Now if you want to create the rag look – create diagonal top stitch lines from one corner to the other. Leaving 1-2 inches in between each line, keep creating diagonal lines. This part takes a long time – and it’s tedious. Keep with it, the end result is fun! Once all of your lines are stitched in, sit on the couch with little distractions and your fabric sheers. Do not cut the backing, but cut the four other layers between each diagonal line. Go slowly. Once all parts are cut, wash and dry – it’ll rag away!

Heavy Blanket:

Pick out your favourite movie, snuggle up and keep warm with a heavy blanket!

Heavy Blanket: 3ten.caHeavy Blanket:

Stay warm!

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